Coast Guard, State Police successfully defend Boston Harbor - from homeless guy with a tent on a raft

Boston Reddit provides the blow-by-blow of today's standoff between the guy often seen canoeing down the Charles on his new tent-equipped float in the middle of the harbor and the crew of a machine-gun-equipped Coast Guard cutter and a State Police boat.



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    Thank you

    This is fascinating. I will have to read in-depth later, but the opening lines of, "Got some binoculars. The guy looks homeless, but obviously I can't confirm that. He's older, and bearded. That equals homeless to me." are more than adequate to reel me in. Thank you for the particular 'balance' of news you have going here- the topical, the aesthetic, the weird, the local, the nostalgic/historic. It is a staple in my media diet. Bravo

    The navies of Boston

    Where were the Enviromental Police boats
    Where were the Boston police boats
    Where were the Massport Boats
    Where were the BFD Boats
    Where were the park rangers boats
    Did I miss any?

    For the love of Huck Finn

    If only they would pay this much attention to the drunk powerarseholes ignoring the right of way rules around sailboats, canoes, and kayaks in the summer months.

    Wait a minute...I kayak the harbor and sport a beard time to time...
    Fuck, guess Im crazy!
    takes off pants and makes a poop hat

    Of course Topher and Muffy sleeping over in a $40K sailboat packed with high explosives would hardly garner such attention.