Hot-dog carts outside the Cyclorama on Monday will be serving something filling, just not hot dogs

Boston Daily reports Trojan will be handing out vibrators from "pleasure carts between noon and 4, thereby avoiding the possibility of a dustup with the authorities at City Hall Plaza, where they originally wanted to sex us up.



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      The Children!!!

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      Won't someone think of the children!!!!

      Okay, laugh if you will, but

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      Okay, laugh if you will, but the South End is filled to the brim with kids in strollers and little toddlers. It ;may amuse you to introduce your 6 year old to a vibrator, but it's probably not amusing to most parents.

      Job Description

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      Explaining the world to your kids is in your job description as a parent.

      Making the world childish so that you don't have to explain it to your kids? That isn't in the world's job description.

      Buck up and deal with it. You have creativity - use your words!

      Uh, yeah

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      My kid knows that alcohol and cars and stoves and knives and scary movies exist, and knows they're for adults. I don't ask that other people stop having these things so that I'm not inconvenienced by explaining that these things are of no concern to my kid right now.

      I believe that children are our future

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      and they're easily distracted by the "Hey, look! A shiny penny!" technique.

      Kid: Mommy, what's that lady got in her hands? It's making a buzzing sound.
      Mom: Hey, Madysyn, want a juice box?
      Kid: YAY!

      I doubt they're going to do demos out there in the street. (If they are, can someone let me know?) It'll just be another distraction in the everyday life of a young child.

      Between noon and 4 on Monday?

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      Working stiffs on the other side of town who can't get out of the office miss out on the fun?

      Hardly seems fair. I'll comfort myself with the thought that they're giving out the cheap ones and not the $100 models.

      By the way, their website is Not Safe For Work. Not at all.

      Ill-Advised, Poorly Thought Out Event

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      Well, I guess that the authorities won't get to put Trojan in bondage. Bummer. Well, I suppose you can never have pleasure without a little pain.

      Hey, do you think that they can change the name to "Village Cyclorama" for the duration of this event?