Hotel or housing for vacant space along the Greenway? reports the state has chosen two finalists for Parcel 9 - next to Haymarket, one focused on out-of-towners, the other on apartments, both with restaurants and food-market space.



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    Why is this even a question?

    Let's see - chronic shortage of hotel rooms vs. massive oversupply of luxury apartments in the pipeline?

    Maybe for appearance's sake they had to make it a horse race?

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    Too small

    Both options are tiny buildings. We should have something at least 10-20 stores there

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    Don't see a hotel here - it

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    Don't see a hotel here - it would have to be small, and the Millenium is right there already. As for the market proposal, it sounds like our version of Pike's Market in Seattle - and that would be a good thing. But where does that leave the proposed Public Market in the MassDOT vent building/garage across the street? Is that still on? the website says 'opening as soon as 2012'.

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    Yes, that proposal is still

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    Yes, that proposal is still on. This market would be related more to the pushcart vendors of the Haymarket. Both projects are part of branding that area as a "market district."

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