How a drunken BU student's big bar bill led to six-day suspension for Kneeland Street club

The Boston Licensing Board today ordered a six-day license suspension for Splash after police and fire inspectors shut the place down on Sept. 29 for serving minors and stuffing too many people inside. The board also ordered a separate three-day punishment for another incident of overcrowding in August.

At a hearing Tuesday, Lt. Det. Stephen Meade and Sgt. Det. William Mulvey said they decided to visit Splash's Saturday-afternoon fest after being contacted by the out-of-town father of an underage BU student who was aghast to arrive at her BU dorm to find her both drunk to the point of needing a medical attention and in possession of a $2,800 credit-card bill from the Kneeland Street establishment.

Meade said the woman had attended Splash's previous Saturday-afternoon "Recess" party, at which patrons can order table service of hard liquor. He acknowledged he did not know if her bill was from a single party or if she was a repeat customer.

Meade said when he and the other two detectives arrived at Splash's around 4:30 p.m., they found a long line of people out front, many looking too young to be getting into a 21+ event. Mulvey said they pretty quickly and easily found two men with beers who turned out to be 19-year-old students from BU and BC with fake IDs.

Inside, Mulvey said, they found the place so crowded the aisles and some exits were blocked. Mulvey said he counted some 300 people on the first floor - or about 100 more than the floor was supposed to have. Police summoned a fire commander, who immediately ordered the place evacuated and shut. Splash remained shut under this emergency order for two days.



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So this girl intentionally

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So this girl intentionally gets into a bar even though she is underage, and wracks up a huge bill, but we're only going to hold the bar owners accountable for letting her get away with it? This girl should take some heat for misrepresenting herself.

Bar not being punished for her case

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Being punished for serving minors and overcrowding observed by detectives who decided to visit the place after hearing from her father.


By Enig Mue on

Screw that place, let a bunch of kids in but wouldn't let me and friends in for wearing hooded sweatshirts on a cold day.


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it's easier to say "no hoodies" to everyone than it is to say "No ghetto thugs who will end up in a gunfight outside at 1:30 am and get our liquor license permanently suspended."

Say the former, and you're enforcing the dress code and protecting your liability. Say the latter, and you're sued and shut down for being racist.


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Except both policies are racist and classist.

Polos are $5

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at Goodwill and Target. There's no law mandating that all minorities must wear hoodies, nor does anyone require hoodies as a scarlet letter for earning a certain income. Therefore, the policy isn't racist or classist.

She might be...

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subject to University disciplinary sanctions. And I'd bet her family is punishing her severely.

Racks up a huge bill?

Either that, or they put a bunch of charges on her card when she was drunk to the point of alcohol poisoning.

It doesn't sound as if this business is terribly trustworthy or law abiding, does it.

Or her "friends" ran up the bill while she was incapacitated

Who needs enemies when you have friends? When I was but a youth (OK, so it was only about 6 years go) I went to Montreal for a friend's bachelor party. The next morning I woke up in a hotel room (not the same one I had checked into), reached into my pants pocket, and found a credit card receipt for a lapdance and a round of drinks. The signature on the receipt was my name, but not my handwriting. It turned out that I had passed out drunk in the club, and my friends had then decided to buy a lapdance for me and a round of drinks for themselves, and use my credit card to pay for it.