How to turn your cell phone into a CharlieCard



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whole card

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From the comments on Hackaday:

couldn’t you have just put the whole card into your phone case?

Wouldn't fit under the back

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Wouldn't fit under the back of an iPhone, tolerances are way too tight. Some android phone, yeah.

I think a better option would be to sandwich the card in your phone case.

Was thinking about doing some form of this hackm but I wonder what MBTA personel will think when they see you tap your phone.

I keep mine between the phone

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I keep mine between the phone and the case. Works like a charm and I never have to fumble for it.

Yeah, but a lot of those

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Yeah, but a lot of those hideously fat foam cases iPhowners seem to love have card holders built into their backs. Just put yer chaaaahlie caaaahd in there!


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Does step two involve a steamroller? 'cause I'd dig watching that.

This hack stinks.

It stinks really bad. Do this outside. That acetone is smelly. Did I already mention how much doing this smells? It's also probably a good idea not to smoke around all of that acetone.


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This seems kind of silly unless the habit is for people to not carry their wallet anymore. and then where do you put other cards like your credit/debit or ID?

The reader can scan your card through a leather wallet stuffed with other cards and money and such just fine. You don't even need to take the card out.


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I will vouch for the wallet thing, although I try to keep my card at the bottom of the stack (i.e., closer to the reader when I tap my wallet).

You can do this with other

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You can do this with other things too. Put it into a watch or make it into a bracelet. I suspect you would get some strange looks from bus drivers when you wave your wrist to pay the fare. Worth it.

Early in the Charlie era, I

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Early in the Charlie era, I saw someone tapping their phone against the card reader on a ticket machine. I asked if they needed help. They said they were helping the T test a phone that had a Mifare chip in it, but it wasn't working too well.