Huzzah, we win!

Grenadiers fall backGrenadiers fall back

Late reports from Concord have the Redcoats retreating in disarray toward the center of town after a rout at the North Bridge by hastily assembled Minutemen. Some photos.



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Gotta love the guys who turn out for Patriots' Day in British Red. The day wouldn't be complete without someone to play that role.

Off color coats

The musicians wore a different colored jacket from the military so that in the haze of battle they could be found by the commanding officer. War was loud and all commands had a musical flourish counterpart which is what troops used to know what commands were being given from further up the line.

In 1812, the US Army wore blue while the musicians wore red. Naive tourists would often ask me if I was a British traitor or prisoner and I'd have to explain how I was a musician.