If the trolleys for the Green Line extension come from Germany



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Nicely spotted!

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But, from Germany, this is more likely:


(From Karlsruhe)

You know, if we made a few small changes, we could avoid the whole debacle of custom trolleys, and get nice, well-tested, modern designs.

But that would be too sensible!

If the Navy ran like the T . . .

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We'd all be at the bottom of the sea.

To quote an old sage on a Red Line train lurching towards Braintree at 6:30 tonight.

They would have the faint

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They would have the faint scent of pot in the last 3 rows and empty Dorito bags shoved under the back seat.

And ...

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Nobody who was "on the bus" would care! This is the 4:20 train to Boston ... allllllll aboaaaaaarrrrrd!


That T smell

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Doritos and pot smell? That would be an improvement over what we often get now!

That's the point

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Both of you are talking about all the upgrades that the Green Line would get if these were the new trains they were buying.


"The're made in Germany; you

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"The're made in Germany; you know the Germans always make good stuff."