If you were in Natick with a stolen credit card, where would you go?

The Natick Mall, right? Apparently some MetroWest thieves don't have quite such lofty aspirations: Natick Police report they are looking for a woman who used a credit card stolen out of a car in West Natick to buy some crap at a local 7-Eleven and then have some pizza delivered to an apartment building just over the line in Framingham.



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      A lot of times

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      thieves run a few "test" charges through a stolen card before they go on a shopping spree. That way, they can tell if the card's been deactivated, or other security features that might flag the staff at a high-end store that they are using a stolen card. Local pizza joints probably don't have a strict protocol for handling suspected theft on a $10 charge, but Best Buy certainly has security to hold you when you try to buy a $10,000 home theater system with a card that's been reported stolen.

      Moral of the story: Check on all suspicious activity, even if it's 50 cents.

      I'm glad the Natick police

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      I'm glad the Natick police are making an effort to investigate this.