Katy Perry can just stay the hell away from Brookline

In addition to Styrofoam, the town's up and banned plastic bags.

If they really want to do something for the environment, though, they should ban those metal twist ties that Barbie and Polly Pocket dolls and accessories come ensnared in.

Ed. note: For those of you without pop-culture specialists in your house, listen to the first line of Firework.



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    No styrofoam AND plastic bags?

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    I can feel a million take-out Asian and Middle-Eastern restaurants scream out...and then go silent all at once.

    Reading is hard.

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    The ban centers on check-out bags at retail establishments over 2,500 square feet, retail pharmacies and supermarkets with annual sales in excess of $1 million.

    Reading is so haaaaarrrrrdddd!

    Read more: Brookline Town Meeting votes to ban plastic bags - Brookline, Massachusetts - Brookline TAB http://www.wickedlocal.com/brookline/news/x9703076...

    Humor sensors need repair

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    I read it. Wasn't stating a fact. Even if it applied to those places to, it's not as if there aren't other food containers and bag choices.


    For a while, I thought I was banned from Brookline

    ..or perhaps just not wanted on the roads after the witching hour.

    I used to pass through on my way home from Allston to Jamaica Plain at various hours of the night, sometimes not even as late as 2am, and find myself tailgated. I know a 1998 Saturn on the roads in, say, 2003, can be very suspicious.

    But, being tailgated within an inch of your bumper by Brookline Police for no apparent reason can be a little unnerving. What if I had to stop short for a Squirrel? I mean, being white and Jewish-looking didn't even get me a pass, there. I can't imagine what it's like for others..

    /Add that to the list of reasons why I vowed to never move there.
    //Kind of agree with the styrofoam ban, though...

    I could see taxing such items

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    I could see taxing such items as part of a litter and environmental protection ordinance as an incentive for companies to switch to other environmentally friendly or biodegradable products But an outright ban is something expected from a petty fascist state.

    You know as well as I do that

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    You know as well as I do that if there's one thing people in this country will oppose more than fascism, it's increased taxation.

    I now have this strange compulsion

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    to walk through Coolidge Corner with a Styrofoam cup of my favorite beverage in one hand and a plastic bag full of stuff in the other but, alas.


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    Cry your tears into your styrofoam Dunkin' cup all the way to the nearest landfill.
    Some people whine and cry at the slightest inconvenience. Try to see the big picture.

    I'd love to lighten up. Fox25

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    I'd love to lighten up. Fox25 has been ridiculing Brookline on this since it has passed. I expected to see their snarky take on it reflected in the comments here, but can't say I still wasn't disappointed.

    Quick analysis of a ban on store plastic bags on my life

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    I have a cat. She uses a litterbox. She has trained me well and I scoop out the used litter each morning. I put it in -- wait for it -- a plastic bag and throw the plastic bag into the trash chute in my building.

    I usually use the ones from the supermarket because they're thin and cheap and not good for much else. If I can't get these, it's no big deal. I'll just buy real trash bags that are much bigger and thicker and use more plastic than the banned ones.

    So my plastic consumption would actually rise from a ban on plastic bags from stores.

    Very good point...

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    While I am for going "green" as much as the next guy, this strikes me as poorly thought out.

    Some Brookline town meeting members seem to think no plastic is good plastic but there is much written out there about plastic versus paper, biodegradability and the pros and cons of each.

    And one could make an argument that paper manufacturing is not a particularly environmentally friendly industry.

    What will they propose next, banning disposable diapers? How about banning plane travel? I would dare say that many folks who live in Brookline probably partake of this particular mode of travel on a fairly regular basis. How eco friendly is being a frequent flyer?

    I am moving into "snark land" but, really, where does one stop?

    Neither plastic nor paper

    Most stores sell, and encourage use of, reusable cloth grocery bags. I wash mine with the rest of my fortnightly laundry.

    Try a better analysis. Last

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    Try a better analysis.

    Last time you saw a plastic bag in a tree, floating down the street, stuck in a gutter or in the river, was it:

    a) A small, CVS style plastic bag
    b) A large, 20 gallon dark plastic bag


    Wonder why?

    And heres something else, when something is free, it is not used properly. That plastic bag you throw down the chute? Might be 75% empty.

    When you start paying for bags, I guarantee youre going to be a little more careful to ensure its been used to its full capacity.

    Plastic bag from litterbox

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    Are you suggesting that I keep the bag around for a few days until it's full and then put it down the chute?

    My place would stink to high heaven. Somehow I'll learn to live with myself knowing that I dump a mostly empty plastic trash bag down the chute every day. I don't buy the 20 gallon ones. I get the smallest one they make.

    Some people clean their boxes twice a day and use TWO mostly empty plastic bags. How those people manage to hold their heads up in public I'll never know.

    And those dog owners who use plastic bags to pick up dog poop? They should definitely make sure that bag is full before they throw it in the trash.

    Dog Poop Bags

    Most people I know with dogs that I occasionally look after buy rolls of little poop bags. They don't use the shopping bags because they tend to leak and don't come in a nifty little roll that fits in the leash thingy.

    I often use the methods that you do - recycle the bags for box scoopage. However, I have two big teens to haul big grocery bags AND eat mass quantities and we tend to use the cloth bags because they hold more, don't split open when you try to outdo your brother in how many you can haul in one load, and pollute less (otherwise we have as many as 30 plastic bags from a single grocery run due to double bagging).

    I find the roll o'poopybags does just fine for scooping, too. They are pretty cheap, too, and just the right size.


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    If you are so dumb that you can't figure out an alternative between large garbage bags and free store bags for your cat litter scooping needs, fine, use the big garbage bags, Kee Rist.

    Bags really....

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    Brookline is the new Cambridge. Ban ban ban. Don't forget those evil water bottles. Pit bulls and swearing in public. How about pants too low, adultery, come you liberals there is soooo much more to ban. Get to work

    I've said it before and I'll

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Brookline just needs to ban people altogether. You Ban people, and all your problems go away.

    But seriously.. it must be pretty sleepy in Brookline for the town council to even think about this.