Kvetching works: City replaces street sign that really aggravated one South Ender

Appleton Street sign

Well, that's a relief: Harmony restored to corner of Appleton and Dartmouth.

City officials today marked the case of the font-challenged Appleton Street sign "closed" after DPW workers replaced the sign that was driving one South End resident insane enough to keep filing complaints with the city over the way the initial letter was so much bigger than the rest and how the letters were all crooked.

But is this the last we've heard of the font kvetcher? The new sign is much larger than the Appleton Street sign on the other side of Dartmouth. Cause for concern?



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    why? I know I'm a little late to this but why the hell was that sign such a big deal. Aren't there other things that needed to be replaced more?

    I agree. I'm glad they fixed

    I agree. I'm glad they fixed it. The City really prides itself on its image. The original sign just looked like shoddy craftsmanship -- certainly not the quality Boston seeks in its streets (huge neighborhood fights over trash cans that help the environment) and development.

    While stuck in an

    While stuck in an unbelievable traffic jam on the Charles Circle->Leverett Circle roadway on Sunday, I had plenty of time to attempt to read one of those new street signs. If I didn't already know it was Fruit Street, I wouldn't have been able to identify any of the letters on the sign except the F.

    Who decided these new signs were supposed to be more readable?

    Dartmouth Place

    Funny, I just walked by there and had my eye out for the offending sign. About 100 ft away from the new APPLETON street sign is a sign for Dartmouth Place--with a great big 'D'! oh, the humanity!