Landscaper charged as Charlestown dog poisoner

Boston Police report arresting Kenneth Hyland of Everett on charges he left out antifreeze-laced hot-dog pieces in an attempt to poison neighborhood dogs using the lawn he was maintaining at 550 Medford St.

Witnesses told police Hyland cut the lawn and had hot dogs soaking in a five gallon bucket of a blue/green solution, believed to be antifreeze. Hyland then spread the cut up hot dogs onto the lawn.

Hyland, 53, will be arraigned Monday in Charlestown District Court, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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      You left out the part where he's an alleged diddler..

      From 2005:

      An Everett man was arrested yesterday, accused of trying to abduct a minor in Boston, police said. Kenneth Hyland, 46, was charged with unlicensed driving and attempted abduction. Police said the suspect approached a 13-year-old male who was walking home from school about 3 p.m. at Marion and Bennington streets in Boston, identified himself as a Chelsea police officer, and grabbed and frisked the victim's backpack, saying he was searching for weapons. The victim told the man to stop and called for his father, who exited a nearby home and saw the suspect run down Marion Street and flee in a yellow van. Everett police stopped a similar vehicle on Broadway, and Boston detectives and the victim and his family identified Hyland at the scene. He is to be arraigned this morning in Malden District Court.

      A real piece of shit, this fucking guy. Notice how he preys only on the weak. That ought to serve him well in one of our fine institutes of penology.

      Judge LaTulippe's verdict

      Execution. Preferably by forcing him to drink antifreeze. He's 53 and thinks nothing of killing dogs and harassing middle school boys. There's no rehabilitation at this point. Just end his miserable life.

      No trial

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      Killing dogs? destroying children's lives?

      I'd say at 3AM he just has to walk the one mile through Charlestown, I'm pretty sure the Townies would figure out a way to solve the problem.

      I agree. Let's give him some

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      I agree. Let's give him some old school Townie retrobution. What a pice of sh*t. I am curious to see what happens as unfortunately animals are still considered property and not living beings.

      What kind of person does this type of stuff???