At-large council race begins

WuDavid Bernstein reports on the first person to announce a race for one of the four at-large council seats next year: Michelle Wu of the South End.

Wu's a past Rappaport Fellow in Law and Public Policy at City Hall and worked on Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

If elected, and Ayanna Pressley gets re-elected, we'll have two Chicago natives on the council.



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Replace incumbent Councilors with advocates for a more openness.

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Replace incumbent Councilors with advocates for a more open Boston City Council. There are too many hidden transactions of the City Council. Public meetings are presented in a manner that obscures Docket items to the understanding of people attempting to follow the transactions. City Council staff resent enquiries or are not knowledgeable or unwilling to get public information about Council transactions. More complete than minutes the stenographic record of the public meetings of Boston City Council are only made readily available encoded in a incompatible format .sgstn stenograph stenonote that obscures the content. The bordering streets of the Council Districts are obscured by maps that haven't labelled the names of the bordering streets of the Districts. The definitions of the Districts aren't readily available.

ok... relax there buddy,

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ok... relax there buddy, seems like your the only person in this city that keeps on chirping about the same nonsense... the people who cares and "live" in the city already knows the bordering streets of their districts. just because you can't understand the map

Bordering streets' names for each of the Council Districts...

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All 17 neighborhoods? All Districts? All Wards? All Precincts? Where is even one person who knows all bordering streets' names of all Districts? How interesting it would be to know anyone who knows all the bordering streets' names! For example, trying Government Documents Division at our Boston Public Library failed

There should be unambiguous documents accurately defining what streets are encompassed in each of the Boston City Council Districts. Not maps missing names of the bordering streets

Ah, but Deval and BO

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Ah, but Deval and BO are precisely the ChiPols who come to mind...

More importantly

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we'd have another woman on the City Council.

Compare... other city councils, local governments.

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Compare... other city councils, local governments, other metropolitan areas

If any of you kind folks out there are so moved, ask for the stenographic record of the last public meeting of Boston City Council
More complete than minutes, the stenographic record is available in .sgstn stenograph stenonote format incompatible with typical computers used by folks with hearing loss. However the more folks asking for the stenographic record the greater priority given to making it available in a compatible format ! An attempt at decoding a .sgstn stenograph stenonote at

And how do you get Boston City Council to include cablecast/webcast Captioning in next year's bids' requirements for City Stenographer for public meetings?...

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At large versus district

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Why not a district run against Linehan? At large will be uphill. Or is Suzanne Lee planning to run again?

Not sure she's in District 2

The South End is split between [strike]2[/strike] 3 city councilors; not sure where Mrs. Wu lives but she may not even be in Linehan's district.

Of course, then the question would be, why not run vs. Ross or Jackson.

are you implying that she

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are you implying that she would not run district because suzanne might run and she doesn't want to run against another asian woman?

Concentration of talent

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If she can bump off Murphy we'd have a pretty good concentration of young talent in the at-large field. And very diverse too - two men/two women, Irish/Hispanic/Black/Asian. How's that for the new Boston.

Best of luck to her - I just hope she's not wasting what appears to be a tremendous talent on something as weak as the Boston City Council. Perhaps a shot at the state legislature/senate might be a better career move.

Hope she doesn't have delusions of ever becoming Mayor - times change but when was the last time we had a mayor that wasn't "from here"? I think it would still be hard for a non-native to get elected in this town - New Boston be damned.

Diversity is good

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But not diversity for diversity's sake.

Michelle is great

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I had the pleasure of working with her on the campaign, I hope she wins :)