A latte love in Chelsea

The Chelsea Record can't restrain its enthusiasm for the city's first Starbucks - finally, proof that Chelsea is no longer a gritty backwater where people have no appreciation for "a richer, sometimes exotically mixed cup of coffee" but instead a more refined community on the move:

A Starbucks in Chelsea is a good barometer of things that are happening here.

Better yet, it is a good barometer of things to come.

We welcome Starbucks.

What a wonderful addition to the mall.



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...don't pick on 'em! Bully.

Nice to see

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Unlike in JP, where the torches are kept doused in kerosene just in case that storefront in the new Bartlett Square building houses The Coffee Shop That Shall Not Be Named.

just curious

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have you heard any rumors about what might go in at Bartlett Square? (what do you think would work there?)

Not the only one

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There are a number of coffee shops in Chelsea. Names are escaping me right now.


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My roommate is doing cartwheels over this... he's been waiting for a while for one to open up. There's not even one on 16. The closets one to Chelsea is inside Target at Santilli Circle, Inside Target in Revere (near Beachmont) and inside Station Landing (28 @ 16).

This does mean things are getting better for Chelsea.

I wasn't just talking about Starbucks...

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But in general. Chelsea has been slowly changing, not just Starbucks but things are happening. First market Basket, now the redevelopment of the rest of the old mall area(which is now home goods, tjmaxx, five guys, etc). And another hotel is popping up just next to Route 1. It just means Chelsea is now being seen as a viable place to setup shop and open a business, and not just this gritty community next to Boston.

Not saying that we want to be all big box stores, but considering this community has pretty much been ignored for many years, its nice to see things change for the better.

And I'm sure he hasn't been to any independent shops.. he's a Starbucks snob (yeah yeah I know).

And if anyone was curious *where* in the Mystic/Market Basket Mall Starbucks was going.. check out:


(From Market Basket's Developer, RMD, Inc.)

(PS - I'm tired of it being called "Market Basket/Mystic Mall".. it sounds lame. In essence of what Market Basket names all its malls it owns, it should be renamed "Mystic Market Place" or "Chelsea Market Place")

I am just happy to have a

I am just happy to have a place that is open late that is less "bright" and orange/purple then Dunkin Donuts that is open past 8pm that serves things like coffee.

As a non coffee drinker I do not understand all the arguments between people regarding quality, price, quantity etc but I do appreciate the feel of a Starbucks for meeting someone for a short meeting or to meet friends. Chelsea City Cafe is closed in the evening so by the time I get back to the city on many days its already closed (I do not blame them, its hard to keep a storefront open that late with a small staff, they need to have lives too.) Starbucks seems to fit that bill, if only I can figure out how to order a medium drink without speaking in their language I will be all set.

Another cafe is the Essence of Thyme Cafe on Broadway, plus as others have mentioned we have almost as many Dunkin Donuts per capita as DTX.

The excitement is due mostly to the fact the city has been looking at getting a Starbucks for a very long time. I am sure it will be successful, I know many people around me who have developed a taste for Starbucks. I would personally be very happy to see something like Clover move into town haha, that would be interesting.