Lawsuits against Framingham pharmacy now coming in a flood

Five more lawsuits were either filed in or transferred to federal court in Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday against the New England Compounding Center over its fungus-tainted painkiller medications, adding to the pile of legal complaints against the now shuttered pharmacy.



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    Not saying the suits aren't valid, but it doesn't look like a company that was flush with cash or anything. This is a small local firm, not like it's one of the big pharma giants with deep pockets and lots of insurance

    Chinatown Boston herb shops.

    Compounding establishments in Chinatown in Boston use unsanitary equipment for slicing roots. Chinese medicine doctors prescribe infusions for patients. Who checks the safety of the preparations? For example, the apothecary herb shop on Harrison Avenue near Kneeland Street uses a big old fashioned hand operated slicing device without cleaning residues off the blade
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