The leaks beneath our feet


Gas leaks

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What's the incentive to fix these leaks when they can pass the cost of lost gas onto the consumer?

The fact that...

the consumer would then consume less as prices rise. Either way, if they repaired everything, who pays still? The consumer again.


Who do you think would pay -

Who do you think would pay - the French? There is no vault full of gold bullion at the Gas company, and gas cannot be sold at a loss. Unless, that is, you want the gas supply to be shut down. A school child could understand this.

More leaks than bicyclists

So, no net greenhouse gas reduction. The gas also poisons tree roots. Fixing gas leaks should be a higher priority than bike lanes!

How are gas lines owned by a

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How are gas lines owned by a private company taking funding away from city and state owned bike lanes?

They're not.

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Mark k from arlington is just a troll, and a pretty sad one at that.

leaks mess up bike lanes

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because patches seed potholes. Center Street in Roslindale is an example - newly paved, but even newer patches all over the bike lane, covering the lane striping and bike symbol, seeding potholes. Beacon St. at the top of Chestnut Hill/Boston College eastbound Newton next to BC is another example, and here it is particularly dangerous because the patches are starting to sink and the cars move fast next to bicyclists headed down the hill.

This makes so much sense

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This makes so much sense now... The first day I moved here a few years ago I noticed that the intersection of Boylston/Park/Brookline in the Fenway reeked of natural gas. You can smell it around the Fenway T stop, too.