Let's make a deal @UpperCrustPizza: Pay your employees, we'll buy your pizza

[float=right]IMAGE(http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/nfsagan/Upper_Crust_Pizzeria_logo.jpg)[/float]The Boston Globe:

Upper Crust accused of scheming on pay
Affidavit from CFO claims checks forged, pay slashed

After being ordered by the government to pay employees nearly $350,000 in overtime, executives at Upper Crust devised a scheme to wrest the money back, including cashing forged checks and slashing workers’ wages, according to the pizza chain’s former chief financial officer.

Make a deal with Upper Crust Pizza: If they pay their employees fair wages including overtime (thereby following the law), then you'll patronize their business. To tell them tweet this article.

As per usual, they who stand accused are not liable until proven in a court of law on a preponderance of the evidence.



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I stopped patronizing their restaurants when I first heard they were stealing from their employees and I continue to do so. Too bad because it's good pizza, but I can't give them my money if they are dishonest and mistreat the people who make their business successful.


I stopped patronizing their restuarants when I first tried their pizza and found out how horrible it was.

Seriously though, I just don't see how anyone can like that style of pizza.

Here's my deal...

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I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire, to put them out.

Total boycott.

Ditto to both comments. I

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Ditto to both comments. I also relish explaining to everyone I know why I don't patronage them and why they should consider making the same choice.

Then I feed them my far better homemade pizza.


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When I lived in the South End, I ordered from there once.. and only once. Their pizza is overpriced for what you get.. cardboard with tomato sauce on it. 20 bucks for a large pepperoni, no thanks, I'll stick with your competitor a few doors down.

Once I heard that they are stiffing their employees, I got bad because I thought about how much they charge for pizza and then they aren't paying their employees?!? really? Someone must have a large house payment to pay.. or a yacht payment or something...

No Thanks

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This is the easiest boycott every because Upper Crust pizza is overpriced garbage. You'd think a place called "Upper Crust" could make a crust with some flavor other than "charcoal".


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It's as easy as falling out of bed. Upper Crust... talk about a misnomer. Gag!

Jail them

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If someone embezzles from an employer, the government prosecutes and the crook gets sent to jail. Why can a business steal from its staff and just pay a fine? Send a few of these sleazebags to prison and it would stop a lot of this. This is a big problem throughout the restaurant and bar business.

Gross pizza

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Also agree that the product they're pushing isn't exactly anything special, especially for their price.

Sucks that a boycott also hits their employees, but with the owners skimming most of it off the top for their own pockets anyways, I support the boycott too.

I've patronized them a few times in a pinch, but I've been telling everyone i know about this shadiness and also will not step in their stores again.

There's plenty of other local, family owned operations that actually care about the community and their workers.

Yup... The Pleasant, The

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Yup... The Pleasant, The Dogwood or Stone Hearth. No need to give these DB's your $. Easy to steal from folk when Daddy gave you start up $.