Lion gets pissed at Ochocinco



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Hanging with Darrelle Revis?

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did carlton fisk party with thurman munson? i think not. i'm just glad this guy is a former patriot.

P.S. the lion was probably aiming for his fiance. i hear she's very territorial.

Here we go...

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You cried into your Patriots footie pajamas when Gronkowski danced, didn't you? What did we learn from Fever Pitch other than the fact that Jimmy Fallon can't act? Oh yeah: Athletes. Don't. Care. About. This. Stuff.

Youk would go to Cincinnati tomorrow if he could get Skyline chili and a championship next season. Ortiz hugs Yankees fans. Youkilis liked Jeter when they played in the WBC together. Shaun Ellis still has friends on the Jets. Tyson Chandler and Kevin Garnett hang out. That's just how it works.

fever pitch?

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never saw it, im a real red sox fan.

didnt care about gronkowski dancing, the game was over and he's 22.

kinda kidding about fisk-munson i realize a lot of these guys are friendly, its just funny that a wide receiver from the patriots would be hanging out with a jets cornerback. guess im just not a big ochocinco guy.

p.s. i wish youk would go to cincinnati