Low blow in Copley Square

Butterfingers Photo by Eric Steinhardt.

A pawnbroker dumped 900 pounds of Butterfingers candy bars in Copley Square today to commemorate Wes Welker's performance in the Super Bowl. The CEO claims he loves to talk to people; you can let him know what you think at 720-320-7777.

UPDATE: The mayor's office reports:

Code enforcement has tracked company's address and contacts; will be issuing violation for commercial dumping.

That could mean a fine of up to $1,000.



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Can we get BPD

to give him a fine for littering?

Chapter 90: Section 22G. Littering; suspension of license

Section 22G. The registrar may, after due hearing, suspend for a period not exceeding seven days the license or permit to operate motor vehicles or the right of a person to operate motor vehicles in the commonwealth of any person who litters, or who knowingly permits, as the operator, occupants of his vehicle to litter, public or private property through the disposal of trash or garbage from said motor vehicle.

The state could also apparently suspend his license for 7 days to make a point.


/copies phone number from article
//pastes phone number into google search
///presses enter


Contact Pawngo: The World's First Online Pawn Shop - Pawngo


You can also reach out to our CEO Todd Hills on his cell phone at (720) 320-7777. He would love to talk to you. Seriously he would! Now that we were able to ...

Probably already closed

Status - closed. Residents said they will probably eat most of the the litter and the rats will get the rest. However, parallel case on butterfinger's disconcerting font and coloration of logo filed by disturbed South End resident remains ongoing.

Know anyone in Denver?

Now I wanna dump a few hundred pounds of Slim Jims on their corporate doorstep, because...

OH SNAP...into a Slim Jim!

In reality though, they'll probably gladly pay $1000 standing on their head for all of the social media publicity this has brought them. The country likes to hate on the Pats the same way the world likes to hate on the Yankees. This is going to resonate for a day or two on every local newscast in every city during their "national news" portion.


You know they chose Copley, because if they tried this stunt in Gov center SWAT would have been scrambled when the dump truck showed up.

Voicemail is full

What breaks my heart is that

What breaks my heart is that according to my Tweetdeck, many people are thinking Bostonians are responsible for this. Honestly, I would expect more taste and class from an out-of-town online pawnbroker. No doubt it will have huge appeal with the larger pawnshop-using public (ie problem gamblers, meth-heads, chronically stupid...etc.)

I don't see what the big deal is

I don't see what the big deal is. Its an obvious publicity stunt and people will pick them up and eat them. They are wrapped and clean. The homeless people that congregate in that very area will have an absolute feast.

Butterfinger Feast

Yep - and then the pigeons and rats will have a feast on the broken or slightly unwrapped ones and poop rat and pigeon poop all over everything.

They are pawning it off on their PR firm

5WPR? Don't bother - I suspect their CEO never learned to read

For years, I tried to get that company to stop sending me their stupid press releases, which NEVER had anything at all to do with Boston. They always came from their wet-behind-the-ears, just-out-of-school junior account execs, who were obviously getting paid by the number of press releases they sent out and who were always very apologetic for not spending 10 seconds to actually look at Universal Hub to see what it was about and who promised to leave me alone. And then the next week I'd get a new press release from a new person. I'd always CC ol' Ronn. Didn't matter. Even the bimonthly "Don't hire 5WPR" tweets I did didn't work (yeah, I know, I know ...).

The only thing that finally worked was convincing Cision, which puts out what at the time was an expensive and completely worthless guide to bloggers that kept listing me under "parenting" or "people you should annoy just for the hell of it" or something, to finally take me out and leave me out. Seems 5WPR used the thing for its blasts of worthlessness.

Needless to say, 5WPR is based in New York.

Marshmallow Fluff

That stuff is NASTY. Like eating sticky sickly sweet plastic. And I may be showing my age, but when I was a kid I think the lid was blue metal, not red plastic.

Fluff is not NASTY!

Mix it with sour cream 1:1, makes a sublime little dipping sauce for fresh fruit. Yummy!! Can add a little flavor with fruit extracts or Limoncello.

Fluff is soooo nasty

Disgusting "food product." The only good thing it's brought this burg is Fluff Fest and that's just marginally better than this jarred fatspread.

For townies who think Nutella's too "foreign."

Mmm... love the stuff!

Mmm... love the stuff! Growing up, my Mom would make fudge for me to give to my friends' families at Christmas. The Moms always wanted the recipe, but my Mom would never give it up. Years later she revealed that it was the fudge recipe on the side of the Fluff container. Decades later Fluff is a staple in my own kitchen.

Hot Tuna Fluff

This will sound amazingly disgusting, but it is actually a tremendous snack.

When I went to the FluffFest a couple of years ago, a guy had a table set up where he gave out samples of his latest Fluff concoction. It was a mixture of Fluff, canned tuna, and hot sauce.


Served on a saltine.

I ate one on a dare, but then I went back for seconds. I've since mixed up my own batches of the stuff and it's really, really good.

(Use the tuna in water, not oil. Other than that warning, you're on your own. Just glop the three ingredients together to taste, plop it on a saltine, and enjoy!)



Speaking on behalf of all civil minded, sane, and legitimate pawnbrokers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this out of town nut job from Pawngo needs to refrain from littering our community with his not legitimate lending scheme as well as taking his butterfingers and choking on them.

Pawngo is in violation of state law if they're endeavoring to loan money on collateral across state lines. The Attorney General should come down on this asshole with the full extent of the law.

"like 7,200"

Like wow that was a TOTALLY professional awesome professionally written tweet. Dude.

But really,if someone bought a quantity of "(like 7,200)" and the company knows they were bought, then they know the purchaser is going to use " 'em " one way or another.