Lynn man charged as driver of car that hit trooper at Neponset Circle

Robert Paul, 40, could be arraigned today on a variety of charges related to a Thursday incident that led to a massive manhunt across Dorchester - and possibly him with a bullet wound to his leg.

Paul was hospitalized at Mass. General this morning after his arrest last night in Lynn, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Paul is accused of driving a stolen Yaris that sped away from Neponset Circle Thursday morning. One of the troopers on a traffic detail at the Neponset River Bridge managed to get at least one shot off at the car.

Innocent, etc.




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Who steals a Yaris?!

This is a criminal who didn't set the bar very high.

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Who RENTS a Yaris?

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Well, we did

We were on a road trip in Wyoming/Montana two years ago visiting Yellowstone NP, Grand Teton NP and other places and we ended up with a Yaris. At first, I thought the gas guage was broken, it simply did not move and we were putting some miles on. We went 400+ miles on a tank. Honestly, for two people, the car was great for getting from point A to point B cheaply.

So we get the car, drive out of Jackson WY, then realize there is no radio in the car. Nothing. Pretty funny, really. I didn't realize you could even get a car without a radio.

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Interesting---hwy vs city

I thought the big mileage advantage for a Hybrid was city driving. But I see that must not be the case anymore.

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Uh, not a hybrid

Not sure what you're thinking of, but the Yaris is strictly gas - no hybrid. Still, great mileage, > 40 mpg

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Uh...duh. okay

I don't know what I was thinking of. I thought it was a hybrid, what can I say. Except, duh?

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Now will the state police stop pestering arborway residents?

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On several occasions this last weekend and this week, cruisers have been slowly driving down the arborway shining their search beams INTO HOUSES. Now I know why. WTF gives them the right to search/pester people?

oh, and to everyone in the last thread who said that police work such a dangerous job: actually, they don't. It's not even close to being the most dangerous, most injuries and deaths are due to traffic collisions (not people trying to run them down), and they have a murder rate ONE THIRD the general population, making them one of the safest segments of the population.

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Just the facts, ma'am


Jobs with the highest fatality rates

The following 10 occupations had the highest fatality rates in 2008: (per 100,000 workers)
1. Fishers and related fishing workers
Fatality rate*: 128.9
2. Logging workers
Fatality rate: 115.7
3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
Fatality rate: 72.4
4. Structural iron and steel workers
Fatality rate: 46.4
5. Farmers and ranchers
Fatality rate: 39.5
6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
Fatality rate:: 36.8
7. Roofers
Fatality rate: 34.4
8. Electrical power line installers and repairers
Fatality rate: 29.8
9. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
Fatality rate: 22.8
10. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
Fatality rate: 19.3

Jobs with the most fatalities
The following 10 positions saw the most deaths in 2008:
1. Motor vehicle operators
Number of victims: 908
Most common manner of death: 66 were highway-related.
2. Construction trades workers
Number of victims: 720
Most common manner of death: 37 were attributed to falls
3. Material moving workers
Number of victims: 248
Most common manner of death: 14 fall-related fatalities and 12 were struck by objects
4. Law enforcement workers
Number of victims: 144
Most common manner of death: 38 were highway-related and 33 were homicides
5. Agricultural workers
Number of victims: 33
Most common manner of death: 19 highway-related fatalities
6. Grounds maintenance workers
Number of victims: 128
Most common manner of death: 20 deaths each from falls and being struck by an object
7. Sales supervisors
Number of victims: 124
Most common manner of death: 52 homicides
8. Vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics, installers, repairers
Number of victims: 110
Most common manner of death: 30 were struck by objects
9. Supervisors, construction and extraction workers
Number of victims: 108
Most common manner of death: 24 fall-related deaths
10. Metal or plastic workers
Number of victims: 102
Most common manner of death: 15 from being struck by an object and 13 from falls

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Now you have to break it down even further.

How many of these people who died, died because of human error, and how many died because they were going out of their way to help someone else? Many of these industrial accidents can be prevented with better safety measures, just like many law enforcement injuries can be prevented with better training/tactics.

It isn't the dangerous/fatality factor that makes public saftey jobs different, it is the fact that you have to go into dangerous situations not knowing what is going to happen to you.

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They don't even appear in the top ten in terms of % of deaths on the job, and as mentioned, police have 1/3rd the overall homicide rate of the general population.

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