Man charged with Ashmont T-stop stabbing, based in part on papers he allegedly threw at victim

A man arrested at a Shattuck Hospital shelter yesterday was ordered held in lieu of $25,000 bail today on charges he stabbed a woman who'd just gotten off a bus from Brockton at the Ashmont T station Tuesday morning, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Prosecutors say that in addition to attacking the woman with what might have been a small knife - police initially were told to look for a ballpoint pen - Donald Calvaire, 29, also threw several pieces of paper at the woman, including "a piece of mail addressed to one of Calvaire's family members." That was enough for Transit Police to dig up more information, including his photo and a copy of his discount T pass for people with disabilities, the DA's office says.

If Calvaire does make bail, he will have to stay away from Ashmont station and wear a monitoring device while awaiting trial.

Innocent, etc.



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Being stupid

Being stupid enough to throw identifying mail at a victim! More likely he collects Social Security disability benefits and gets MassHealth for mental health disability. Without mental hospitals, the streets are the dumping grounds, with periodic stays in jail.

I meant to add *sarcasm off*

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I meant to add *sarcasm off* at the end of my post.

He was arrested at the Shattuck Hospital. So indeed, he's 'crazy' and homeless. And probably collecting, too.

I don't believe you do, but I

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I don't believe you do, but I also think it's a 'wet' shelter so you can show up in any condition. Some shelters like the Salvation Army only take sober.

Seriously? Three people agree with this filth?

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Really? Calling someone who has a mental illness that clearly clouds his judgment "stupid"? Really?

And implying that people with mental illnesses shouldn't get benefits and should be institutionalized?

Yes, this man did something that harmed another person (thankfully not severely), thus will be mandated to get more acute help that we as a society probably should have long ago provided him, but does that really warrant name-calling? Being treated as less-than-human sure isn't going to help someone who clearly is already feeling scared and threatened in the world.

I hope that you can find a way to be more compassionate if you or someone in your family develops a mental illness that makes a person do some really ugly things.

Not Severely

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So you wouldn’t find if a stabbed you a bit? Just for fun!


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"And implying that people

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"And implying that people with mental illnesses shouldn't get benefits and should be institutionalized? "

It would be safer for the patient and public if they were properly institutionalized. Also likely cheaper in that right now their medication more often than not gets resold or lost, the police manpower required to deal with these people can be significant at times, and the cost of emergency room care for this population often exceeds the cost of a traditional mental asylum.

Closing the state mental hospitals was one of the biggest mistakes ever made.

not all people with mental illness need to be hospitalized.

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it's a waste of hospital resources and a true loss of liberty for the mentally ill population. some folks do need those beds, and it's a shame that we don't have more of them. they are needed for people who have severe problems that can't be helped in a more open setting. but the theory that all folks with mental illness should be hospitalized to protect the public is misguided. most folks do just fine in group or individual settings, with no threat to the public.

The problem is with the

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The problem is with the advent of effective medication the state shut down the mental asylums under pressure from the public to "liberate" the mentally ill. People that needed to remain in institutions, or at least group homes were kicked into the street with not much else besides a prescription and that's a big part of the real homeless problem today.

Chronic drug offenders fall into another category. They have a mental illness which SHOULD result in institutionalization rather than incarceration, but at the same time the behavior is usually self inflicted.

Take "illness" off the table

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As a matter of public policy, people who stab other people need to be in cages. Some violent assholes happen to have a diagnosis, others don't; in any case stabbing people is a behavior that needs to be controlled, using either treatment or forcible confinement. I'm not sure why that is a controversial position.