Man claims trolley was so crowded it made his shorts fall off

Police, however, did not buy his story any more than the woman who followed him off the train and held him until the law arrived after she got a glimpse of his junk.

Michael Galvin, 37, of Somerville, was arrested on a charge of open and gross lewdness for an incident on an outbound B trolley around 6:40 p.m. yesterday.

According to police, he exposed his penis to a woman as the trolley approached Packard's Corner:

When I asked how his shorts fell down Mr. Galvin stated due to the "packed and jostling" trolley his shorts fell down. Mr. Galvin told me he did not know his shorts were down until a female in front of him screamed " what the hell!" Mr. Galvin said he tried to pull up his shorts and apologized at the same time and then exited the trolley at Packard's Corner. Mr. Galvin then said the female followed him and said "you aren't going anywhere" and grabbed a hold of his hooded sweatshirt and waited for the Police.

The victim told a slightly different story, according to a report:

The victim stated she was on an outbound trolley when she noticed the suspect had been moving closer and closer towards her since the previous stop. The victim stated she "got a weird vibe from the guy and tried to move away but couldn't because the trolley was so packed." As the trolley had approached Packards Corner the suspect was now directly in front of her. The victim stated at this time as she looked down and noticed the suspect's shorts were pulled down just enough to have his penis exposed, and he was stroking it. The victim stated when the suspect realized she noticed what he was doing it appeared he attempted to pull his sweatshirt down to cover himself. The victim said this act took a moment to register and she immediately began to scream in shock at what she saw. As she was screaming she could hear the suspect saying "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" as he began to move away from her. At this time the suspect exited the trolley in an attempt to get away, and the victim followed him and grabbed him by the sweatshirt to keep him from fleeing the scene. As she held on to his sweatshirt the suspect stated " I think I need help, I think something is wrong with me" and the suspect also attempted to persuade the victim to let him go.

Innocent, etc.



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Three cheers

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for this woman! Whoever and wherever she is, thanks for taking action!

This guy does need help.

I'm happy she held him there until authorities arrived. Now I just hope she doesn't get charged with something like false imprisonment of this guy.

You almost have to give him

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You almost have to give him credit for quick thinking with his "upstairs" brain. Almost.

Gutsy move

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Wow - this was a pretty gutsy move on this gal's part. I think that she probably put herself at quite a bit of risk by detaining someone who has enough disrespect for social norms and the law to engage in this kind of behavior. I'm happy that it seems to have worked out for her - I would have thought that this guy, who must have known what was in store for him when the copy showed up, would have pulled no punches, etc. in an effort to get away. Maybe this really was some kind of (totally unacceptable) cry for help.

Any word on whether she had help from the several hundred other people packed on the trolley? Did they all just turn up their iPods and look the other direction? Did they help deliver a little beatdown (the police probably would have conveniently (probably rightly) left that out of the report)?

Certainly looks that way to me

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He appears to have run into some rough treatment somewhere down the line, sporting a couple of not-quite-shiners and some swelling in the face.

Perhaps he bumped his head getting into the squad car. Repeatedly.

It doesn't say exactly how

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It doesn't say exactly how she "held" him. Maybe she grabbed some very sensitive part of him, and kept control over him that way.

no help

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the report says:
"The woman said she is angry that no one helped her"

Hey lady, I am another lady

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Hey lady,

I am another lady who lives in Allston & rides the Green Line and just wanted to say THANK YOU, YOU HERO!! High fives and mad props! This story delighted me to no end, and the headline should reflect the awesome self-defense of another Allston badass who won't allow herself to be harassed on these streets, instead of focusing on the asshole dude's weak-ass excuse.

Well done!!!

It happens all the time.

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The MBTA should either get bigger cars or run the trains more frequently so they are less crowded.

Best joke I've heard in a while!

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You want the overspent, over-extended MBTA to purchase larger trains and lay down new tracks to accommodate said larger trains OR purchase more trains and hire more conductors to run trains during rush hour. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Sorry for the snark. Must be the Friday afternoon bourbon!

That would be nice, anon, but

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I'm afraid that's not going to happen any time soon. Our taxes are going towards illegal, wrongheaded and stupid wars abroad, instead. Disgusting!

Every time I ride the Green

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Every time I ride the Green Line, it makes me remember how much I like living near the Red Line.

Typical sign of a subway perv?

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I saw her Ch.5 TV interview yesterday. Don't know how really crowded the train she and Galvin was on, but she said she tried to move away to another part of the train, and he just followed her like a predator.

Over the years I have seen guys ranging from age 30s to 60s on the T act pervish like Galvin... with the exception that I have NOT seen them do anything obscene to their female targets. Many times times I see this: If a train is empty and a pretty girl (the only female on the train) is sitting alone... the guy decides to sit NEXT to her. At times looking at her, maybe fantasizing "undressing" her with his eyes.

I ride the Green Line's C-branch in the early weekday mornings (6:00AM) and my regular ride has this guy named Darryl (I think) that does exactly what I described above.