Man dies in Cambridge triple-decker fire

Columbia Street fire. Photo by Jake Kassen.Columbia Street fire. Photo by Jake Kassen.

WFXT reports a man in his 50s died early this morning after a fire broke out in the third floor of a triple decker on Columbia Street. Associated Press reports the cause is still under investigation.

Jake Kassen, who happened to be passing by Cambridge and Hampshire on his way home, reports:

It was around 12:20am. The police had just arrived but not the fire department. Looks like it took them 20 minutes or so to extinguish the visible flames (From my vantage point) but the house is likely a goner. Sad.



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      I know..

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      I know the person who died, he was a friend of mine. :-/ Unfortunately because the fire is still under investigation, i can't say who yet.

      Sad, I work nearby and he called me a few weeks ago asking to go to lunch (since I work nearby) but I was "too busy".


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      i didn't like that I found out by watching TV news at 545. Awful way to find out.

      Sorry to hear that. It's

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      Sorry to hear that. It's terrible.

      I live right around the corner.