Man forces way into woman's apartment and turns on the faucet in her tub

Boston Police report a fake BWSC worker got pretty pushy on Boston Street in South Boston around 10:30 a.m. yesterday.

Police say the guy knocked on the victim's door and when she opened the door a crack said he was with "the water department" and needed access to her apartment to fix a leak in the apartment next door. When she demanded ID, he pushed her aside, came in and then:

Turned on the water of a tub, and went to a bedroom, where he rummaged through her belongings.

Police say the woman went to turn the water off and the man disappeared - along with a cordless phone. Police say the woman asked for ID because this sort of thing had happened to her twice before.




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It seems a bit early in the season for the wet bandits to make an appearance!

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city of boston trying to

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city of boston trying to raise her water bill?

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