Man gets 2 1/2 years for fatally shooting former friend who was beating him in the head with a padlock

Nhu Nguyen, 20, pleaded guilty today to killing Derek Matulina at the Savin Hill Red Line stop on May 11, 2011.

Under an agreement between his attorney and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Nguyen was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in a county jail on manslaughter and gun charges, to be followed by two years of probation.

The DA's office says the two were once best buds who had a falling out over the proceeds of marijuana sales.

The two meet up by chance at Savin Hill, where Nguyen demanded what he felt he was owed, the DA's office reports. Matulina challenged him to a fight, at which point Nguyen pulled out a .22 caliber handgun. Acquaintances separated the two, but then Matulina followed him onto the subway platform, striking him repeatedly with a padlock wrapped in a bandana, prosecutors say.

Matulina then grabbed Nguyen, who managed to escape, pull out his gun and shoot Matulina in the chest, the DA's office says.



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Seriously, Will?

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I'm as knee-jerk as the next guy, but it sounds like this perp was actually defending himself. And against a "violent drug dealer" who you'd probably also want executed. Don't you want to give him a medal or something?

You know what, you're right

I read it again. Nguyen showed his gun, and Matulina did not, and obviously did not have one.

My sentiment here would be to tell Matulina "run, stupid!" Since that moron decided to bring a padlock to a gun fight, he deserved to die. But Nguyen is still a scumbag who pulled a gun on a guy who was, as far as we know, not an immediate threat to his safety.

While scummy, I suppose on second thought that I don't believe that Nguyen's actions should call for an execution. You are right and I am wrong.

good thing

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reading comprehension is required at trials...

Judge Will might have just made a Texas sized mistake!


selling drugs has nothing to

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selling drugs has nothing to do with what occurred. the fact is that there was a dispute . cant u see it was self defense. he was not trying to kill him but the guy still attacked him after he knew he had a gun. you see who provoked the incident and By reading your comments You sound like your related to George Zimmerman, except in this case, the instigator, not the victim was killed. justice system failed once again , he should have done no time. what has this country come to when you are being beaten in the head almost to death and you are sent to jail for defending yourself . it is obvious that you are out of touch and live in fantasy land . so ignorant of you

See my above comment

As for comparing me to Zimmerman, if a 911 dispatcher told me not to follow somebody, I would heed that advice.

If you're comparing this case

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If you're comparing this case to the Trayon Martin case, you realize that your friend Mr. Nguyen would be George Zimmerman. Just like you're saying it was self defense, George Zimmerman says it was self defense.

From the DA: "Nguyen and Matulina entered the station separately, Broadbent said. A short time later, Matulina approached Nguyen and struck him in the head with an object later found to be a padlock tied to a handkerchief. A friend of Nguyen interceded and physically placed himself between the two men, ending the altercation.
"Nonetheless, Broadbent said, "video surveillance shows the defendant stepping back and firing one shot directly at the victim's chest before fleeing the scene.""

Doesn't sound like he was almost dead if he stood up and shoot his attacker. Also doesn't sound like self defense if the fight had already been broken up.