Man who settled grudges by setting people's stores and homes on fire gets 15 years to think about what he did

Jamaica Plain arsonist

Jose L. Baez, 41, of Dorchester, who admitted setting four fires - and was implicated in four others - earned a 15-year federal prison term on Friday, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Among the places he tried to burn down: A salon on South Street in Jamaica Plain (twice) owned by a woman whose decision to stop dating him angered him; a fire in a Roslindale apartment building where his former brother-in-law, displeased him over an unpaid loan; a fire in the Roslindale building where the ex-relation moved after the first fire; Jamaica Plain Auto Body, with whose work on his car he was dissatisfied; a Bay State Road building which housed a dentist whose bills displeased him; and the Whole Foods Market on Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge, whose decision to fire him enraged him.

Yet another fire he set on Firth Road in Roslindale injured five firefighters; prosecutors say he set that fire when a resident who dabbled as a bookie stopped taking his illegal bets - and possibly because another resident made a pass at him.

Baez's preferred medium was gasoline - which he supplemented in a couple of cases with tires.

In addition to his prison term, US District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock ordered Baez to pay $3.2 million in restitution for all the damage he caused.



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    Come on

    Does this piece of (expletive) have $3.2 mil? GTFOOH! Short of sticking him in a labor camp, you're not ever going to get the money out of him.

    Let's just execute him already and be done with it. Let's set him on fire and see how he likes it. 15 years my ass. He's 41. He's not an (expletive) child. There's no rehabilitation here. If you set fires in your 30's, you're just done as a human being. Let's get rid of him like a mosquito and move on.

    Great idea

    By on

    Let's adopted the forward-thinking justice system of of the Muslim theocracies that are supposedly a huge threat to the American way of life. Between burning prisoners alive and allowing 20-year-olds to mow down first graders with military-grade machine guns, we will finally beable to restore American exceptionalism and once again be John Winthrop and Ronald Reagan's "shining city on a hill".

    obviously Will must be from

    By on

    obviously Will must be from the generation of "conservatives" who take their intellectual cues from Howard Stern more than William Buckley. What a pathetic, sad post that is.....

    15 + 41 = 66

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    Unless he gets paroled (which would be wrong) he'll probably die in jail, or go right from jail to a nursing home.

    66 is not old when you take care of yourself. 66 is quite old when you lead the kind of life where you run around setting your bookie on fire.