The margin of victory in Mattapan

The Dorchester Reporter reports Obama won Mattapan 10,451 to 209.

According to city tallies, Obama's highest percentage came in Ward 14, precinct 3 (along the east side of Blue Hill Avenue on either side of Seaver), where he got 99.1% of the vote.

Obama lost just two precincts in the entire city - Ward 6, precinct 9 and Ward 7, Precinct 1, both near Castle Island in South Boston.



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100+% turn out

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Is there an explanation for the 100+% turn out in a lot of the wards? 129% for the whole city? 500,000?

Two-sided ballot

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means that there were two "cards cast" for every voter...methinks. So divide by 2 to get the true turnout.

Voter Turnout

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How does every precinct have more than 100% turnout? There's no same day registration, so shouldn't that be impossible.

Divide the numbers by 2

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I think those numbers are the tallies recorded by the scanners in each precinct, which count the number of sheets fed into them. Since our ballots consisted of two sheets this year, the tallies should be twice the number of actual voters.

This is exactly it

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You can easily double-check by looking at Votes Counted vs Registered Voters. It'll correspond.

Long week....

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At first glance, I thought the headline read "The Virgin Mary Of Mattapan.

Impressive GOTV effort

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The Dem's GOTV effort this year was seriously impressive. On top of the 12,000 emails from the national party, I had someone knock on my door Monday and Tuesday night to remind me that yes, Tuesday is voting day, had fliers on my door Sunday-Tuesday night, and got two phone calls from the Warren campaign on Tuesday reminding me to vote.

I've seen the Democrats mobilize in the city before, but never with this level of fury. It dwarfs what they did in 2008, and absolutely blows their efforts in the 2010 senate campaign (where the campaign headquarters just rang busy when I called to see if there was anything I could do) out of the water. Glad to see they can get this kind of turnout when they want to. I just wish they'd done it two years ago, so we could have been spared two years of that damned pickup truck.


I understand ...

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why you said this, but honestly, I'd rather have Professor Warren as my Senator than Martha Coakley.