Maybe he was afraid bags of money would fall on his head

Framingham suspect

Framingham Police report a bank in their town was held up Friday by a guy in a construction helmet.

The 30-something Village People wannabe walked into the TD Bank branch on Rte. 9 at Temple Street around 11:45 a.m., and showed a note demanding money. As he left, he doffed his helmet, displaying a lime-green doo-rag on his head. He was last seen strolling down Rte. 9 towards Framingham Center.



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    Back in college

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    we hired a stripper that looked JUST LIKE THIS GUY. Right down to the fake hardhat.

    We did.

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    He was a birthday gift. The birthday girl wandered away halfway through the show. The rest of the audience cowered in fright.

    Were those

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    saggy man tits extra?

    I think he was just confused.

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    I think he was just confused. It looks like a Bob The Builder theme party. He was obviously looking for the party favors