Maybe we need insurance to protect us from Papa John's employees

Somerville Patch reports a Papa John's delivery guy was arrested on charges of trying to run somebody down in Inman Square - after first chest bumping and spitting at his alleged victim.

Meanwhile, across the river, Papa John's delivery guys think nothing of parking 18-wheelers in major intersections while they make deliveries:

La di da: Take a look at the traffic lights.La di da: Take a look at the traffic lights.



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Surprised to find out there are Papa John's here

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Why would anyone eat at Papa John's in this area? Such low quality chain pizza can not even begin to compare to the great pizza offered by hundreds of independent pizza shops such as Pino's, Ernesto's, or Pinnochio's.

Places like Papa John's are typically only popular in regions like the Midwest where they don't realize what real NY/Boston style pizza is supposed to be like.

West Roxbury

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Somebody opened a Papa John's there. Closed after about a year and a half.

Remember the

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poor kid who had to stand on Centre St dressed as a slice!

Somerville Ave.

There is one on Somerville Ave - I think it stays in business via late night deliveries.

Like you, I don't get why people go there or Dominos - especially now that we have Yelp to guide us to local places.

I'm not buying that

Can you provide a link for this?

I've found Yelp to be indespensible when I travel - I read for detail and I've never been disappointed. A real lifesaver when we were looking for a moderately priced place within a km that could seat sixteen people for Saturday dinner in Downtown Chicago. I also found that the Thai place across from my hotel in Pasadena was beyond awesome. I could go on ...

At home I ask around ... but I can do that at home. However, if I had just moved to an area, I'd be checking yelp.

I sincerly doubt my local pizza joint - which is very highly rated - advertizes with them given that they turned down a chance to be featured in a special Medford Pizza segment on Phantom Gourmet (according to the person who hosted that segment, who then turned up at a school function with twenty pies from Pranzi's a couple of days later)


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Just Google "Yelp scams businesses"

and you'll find a few examples. Also, the lovely people at the new Sweet Peach Diner in Belmont had this to say on their Facebook page:

Hello Everyone! i want to report some disturbing news. As many of you know we have a page on This page was not set up by me. I was involuntarily put on this page by yelp. But this is not really the point. Friday, November 2nd someone from Yelp called to get my business and ask me to advertise with Yelp. I told them I was not interested. Two days later I checked the page and found that at least 3 of my 5 star reviews had been removed and my overall rating had been dropped! This is not right! If any of you Yelp and can help us out by adding your own reviews to the page I would appreciate it. Obviously going forward I would recommend that you not put full faith into Yelp as a whole.

I too, had used Yelp on the road, but not anymore. There are many other methods to finding great places on the road. The thought of hipster shakedown artists makes me sick.

No they don't

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I used to manage social media for my previous employer, which was a business that had a Yelp listing, and I spoke to the Yelp people myself.

They have a free Business Owner account that the business owner (or in my case, social media manager) can have to add pictures, update hours, and respond publicly to negative reviews. However, you cannot have any control over the content of the reviews, and you are not allowed to hire people to post good reviews of your business.

Their advertising works similar to Google's and Facebook's (both of which I researched), in that you can pay to have your business show up as "SPONSORED AD" next to certain search queries or related businesses. There's no correlation between advertising and review content: for the record, I've done searches for places with Sponsored Content that have bad reviews.

Yelp does filter reviews out if the review appears to be spam or a violation of the Terms of Service, which are clearly posted on their homepage. Sometimes legitimate reviews appear to be spam because the user writing the review is new, and doesn't have many other reviews. This disproportionately catches businesses in the suburbs, because the kind of people who write Yelp reviews tend to live in the city.

In general, the kind of people who believe this "Yelp extortion" have no tech savvy, or refuse to fix serious problems with their business and prefer to blame the messenger.

Papa Gino's

This is also the land of Papa Gino's, pizza so bad it looks inedible even in the commercials, so I wouldn't put it past ANY chain to open up here.

You call that cheese?

pizza so bad it looks inedible even in the commercials

So, I'm NOT the only one who thinks the product in their commercials looks awful. When that slice is lifted up, it looks no better than a Celeste pizza out of the microwave.

Amen, brother!

Except my thought is the old "Ellio's Pizza" from high school cafeteria days...

Along with the one in Somerville

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there's also one in Revere, about a block away from a Pizza Hut, one of the only two in the area I know of besides the one on Mystic Ave. in Medford (coincidentally also home to a Domino's). I never get from any of the chain pizza places (I used to greatly enjoy Papa Gino's but their pizza is horrible now) with literally tens of local pizza places I can order from.

so 14 cents per pizza to make

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so 14 cents per pizza to make sure his employees have healthcare is too much of a grab on our part, but Mr Papa has no problem just grabbing whatever public domain he needs to make sure his stores have pizza? If he wants to play the nickel and dime game lets play it, if we have to pay by the minute to park our cars on the street they should pay by the minute for taking up street space for deliveries-- the days of 15, 30, 45 minute loading zones should be over, isn't that just soft socialism? If you built that, shouldnt you have also paid for it?

I Remeber A Jay Leno Line...

I know Jay Leno gets a lot of grief from some self-styled sophisticates, but he (or his writers) get off a few trenchant lines. He came on one night a couple of years ago, and said that the Red Lobster chain had closed its last restaurant in Maine. Then, not so much as a joke, almost an editorial: if you LIVE in Maine why would you go to a Red Lobster, and if you're a tourist there, why wouldn't you take the trouble to learn the names of the best indigenous seafood restaurant in town?

I've said this before but its

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I've said this before but its worth repeating..

Eating at Red Lobster is like eating at McDonald's. You don't go to McDonald's because you want a good hamburger. You go to McDonald's because it is McDonald's. Same with Red Lobster, you don't go to Red Lobster because its quality seafood, you go there because its Red Lobster.

"If he wants to play the nickel and dime game lets play it?"

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Yeah, use the Government to selectively crack down on them because they disagree on issues.

I bet you wish the People's Republic of Cambridge had a concentration camp, Gulag or forced labor camp to re-educate decenters like other socialist republics.

Oh I do, and first in line

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Oh I do, and first in line would be poor spellers with no sense of sarcasm.

But yes I just lust after those far left, progressive liberal stances that the nazis had-- you have such a keen sense of history, you really got me there.

About to commit sacrilege here

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So, I order from Domino's because I don't like Boston-style pizza. Hard to put my finger on why. The crust is usually pretty good, but I don't like the sauce and it always seems greasy to me. The sauce usually seems liquidy and too sweet (and I never really understood why people called the Domino's sauce "ketchup").

I can't be alone in this.


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There are a zillion "Someone's Place" Greek restaurants around here pretending to be Italian, and amazingly, they don't do Greek well either.

It is positively the saddest thing in the world that I could get better Greek food in Louisiana than I can in Boston...

Some Long Island Italians

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Some Long Island Italians need to move up here and start opening pizza places.

Like other posts have said, I

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Like other posts have said, I only order from Domino's because they are open until 3am and deliver. But I won't go out of my way to order Domino's any other time. I'd rather order from a local pizza shop.

I refuse to order from Papa Johns anymore. Which is sad because when I lived in Atlanta, I pretty much lived on PJ's for years. (Roommate worked there). Now I won't touch their pizza with a stick.

This is mostly because we keep getting flyers for the one in Revere (I'm in Chelsea) but we've been told twice they don't deliver to us. Then WHY say you deliver to us in your flyer. I think it more has to do with that we're on the edge of their delivery area in a questionable neighborhood, so they won't deliver to us. (or just refuse too, even though the main corporate Customer Service says they do)

And now with John Schnatter's ObamaCare crap. Yeah I won't be ordering from them any time soon. This guy is a piece of work, its amazing how money can corrupt. I met John Schnatter in 1994 when I was in Atlanta (he used to go to Store openings). At the time, he struck me as a down to earth guy, and hell, even went in the back and helped prepare pizzas that day with the staff. He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

Now.. according to a friend of mine still in Atlanta who is a DM for them. Its next to impossible to even get communication from John Schnatter's office, it's like he doesn't care anymore. A far cry from that man I met decades ago...

Apparently Money corrupts.