Mayor to remain in hospital for foreseeable future

Now it's not so much the virus as the back problem he developed while in the hospital for the virus, Gintautas Dumcius at the Dorchester Reporter tweets.



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I thought...

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that it was a joke about the way the mayor talks.


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Step down, PLEASE!



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The last time we had a regime change was when the mayor stepped down and the city council president, who happened to be from Hyde Park, assumed the office under the rules of the city charter.

Something's not right.

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If you have back problems, you are discharged to a rehab facility. You're only in an acute care hospital for 3 weeks if you are really sick. I hope he is OK but I am concerned.

Doctors admit that there is something more going on

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Yes, this afternoon his doctors admitted that there has been a resurgence of acute back pain for which they cannot yet find a reason. That's in addition to the original viral infection, the clot in his leg that migrated to his lung, and the back fracture.

Every story since late October has downplayed his condition, claimed he's getting much better, and talked about how competent a team he has around him. It makes me more than a bit apprehensive to realize that the city is being run by a faceless wonkocracy (even more than it normally is).

God bless Mr. Menino and his family, and my prayers go out for his rapid and complete recovery. But let's also be thankful Sandy missed Boston and we haven't needed strong on-the-ground leadership.

My thoughts, exactly

This isn't right, and, having worked on an orthopedic oncology unit at one time, I have some grave doubts that we are getting the full story. Bear in mind, however, that patient confidentiality rules mean that we will only get that information that the patient himself cares to share.

Here's hoping, for his sake, that all is as it is stated and a complete recovery is in the offing.