MBTA brings in sandbags to protect Kenmore station

Sandbags at Fenway portal. Photo by MBTA.Sandbags at Fenway portal. Photo by MBTA.

The MBTA trucked in sandbags to the Fenway tonight, in case workers have to barricade the portal used by Riverside trolleys to head into Kenmore in case Sandy supercharges the Muddy River. The T wants to avoid a repeat of a 1996 flood that shut Kenmore for two months when the Muddy overflowed its banks and poured down the portal into the station.

Fenway portal dam in action, in 2010.




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does the MBTA have dedicated pumps to keep the tunnels clear? Or we still using the bucket method?

Seems like as climate changes, this is going to get much more common as the Northeast gets more Northwest like.

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They do

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But Kenmore can still flood if the Muddy River decides to make the tunnel a branch.

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