MBTA bus crashes into Roxbury health center

Bus into building. Photo by BFD.Bus into building. Photo by BFD.

An MBTA bus with about 15 passengers crashed into a brand-new Whittier Health Center building at 1290 Tremont St. around 10:25 p.m.

The Boston Fire Department reports two passengers were taken to the hospital. The building was empty at the time; the collision burst a sprinkler pipe.

Susan Tran at WHDH tweets the bus was cut off by another vehicle whose driver was trying to make a U-turn as the storm wound down.

View from the inside:

Inside looking out. Photo by BFD.Inside looking out. Photo by BFD.



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Mass Casualty Incident Guidelines

That came from listening to the police and fire radio conversation.

From another city but a good definition.

"A mass casualty incident will be declared by the incident commander if the community defined threshold number of patients is exceeded. The threshold will be when the number of patients or the extent of their injuries alters the normal day-to-day operations. Approval of the local MCI plan is indicated by endorsement by the local fire, police and EMS authorities."

The Incident Commander or designee will notify the dispatcher and the nearest hospital of type of MCI and an estimate of number and type of patients. This communication will take place as soon as possible after the operations begin. In addition, the appropriate official will:
a. Request additional EMS, fire and police assistance as needed.
b. Request all area hospitals be notified."

The first responders felt they were going to need a lot of EMTs, police etc. on the scene to be sure they could take good care of the 20 people on the bus.

Yup. An MCI could be declared

Yup. An MCI could be declared for something as relatively small as a car accident (you need two ambulances to transport two drivers) depending on available resources. "Casualty" is a big of a strong word to use, but that's the vocabulary for you. To give perspective, Boston EMS considers the Marathon to be a planned mass casualty incident - not that they expect a bloodbath every time, but dozens if not hundreds of runners and spectators will need medical care due to exhaustion or injury. All city medical services are deployed and hospitals are ready to receive a high number of individuals.

bus drivers

Hey now....talking nice about bus drivers? That's not allowed in Boston! Don't you know that they're all a bunch of overpaid, drug-dealing hacks just looking to suck off all my tax money?? They should all be fired and replaced with WalMart greeters, because we wouldn't want professional drivers who can manage people, Boston streets, Boston car and bike drivers and pedestrians and buses falling apart all with a degree of maintained sanity. Gotta cut costs somewhere...

(Hope bus driver and passengers are doing ok.)

Fortunately for the

Fortunately for the passengers that's some high quality construction there! If the bus had hit the derelict Robert White Fund Health Unit building on the other side of the vacant lot, there wouldn't be a dent in the building, much less a recognizable bus.