MBTA catching more fare evaders, with bonus arrests of wanted criminals too cheap to add value to their CharlieCards

The MBTA reports Transit Police have issued 3,614 citations so far this year for fare evasion - up 59% from the 2,268 issued in the same period last year.

The T adds that some 89 of those people left the stations where they were snagged in the back seat of a cruiser, after officers realized they were wanted for arrestable offenses. The two latest were arrested yesterday at the Quincy Center stop on the Red Line - one of them a guy who'd allegedly skipped out on a court hearing after he was busted for selling marijuana at the same station in August.



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You can't fix stupid.

BTW: Quincy Center Station has become quite the crime hub.

As the NYPD proved during

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As the NYPD proved during NYC's renaissance in the 1990s, going after petty offenses usually nets bigger offenders. The bigger offenders think nothing of committed petty crimes and tend to commit such crimes in greater numbers than the average petty offender.

"People don't resort to crime

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"People don't resort to crime as much when they don't have to in order to put food on the table."

Will you please flush that bullshit. The people committing crime now and in NYC during the bad old days weren't doing it because they were poor. They were doing it because they could, as there was little consequence to committing crime.

Armed robbers aren't buying groceries with their ill gotten goods nor are they shoplifting food! Half these thugs today are totting designer clothing and fancy plated handguns worth more than some peoples' used cars. They aren't committing crime because they are poor, only because they have poor morals!


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is AWESOME! The T is affordable and in order to stay so requires everyone to pay their "fare" share.

Here's the truth

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The MBTA doesn't bring in enough revenue to finance it's operations and obligations. To my knowledge, it never has since it was taken over by the state from private operators. It would actually be cheaper for everyone [including the state, who give it huge yearly subsidies] to make it free. The T could raise prices to 4 or 5 bucks a ride, it still would need huge subsidies to operate.

Nice work T-Police

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Quincy Center is falling down and the police are rescuing the dregs of society before the garage falls down and traps the rest of us in MBTA hell. Tourists who get off at this stop realize quickly they are not in Kansas anymore.

Catching legitimate fare

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Catching legitimate fare evaders is a good thing.

I'd just like to be sure the T police aren't ticketing people who didn't really do anything wrong. For example, if someone with a pass follows someone else in, because the turnstile said "see agent" and then "pass already used".

I have asked "agents" about

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I have asked "agents" about this in the past. The agent said that if I have a monthly and it's not working properly, that I should "piggy back" or "ride the coat tails" of someone in but to be sure to wave my pass at the camera so that they can see that I have a monthly pass and I'm not doing anything wrong. -Mea www.hertrainstories.blogspot.com