MBTA Glossary: Wheeze

Wheeze. v. To pull into a terminal station on the Orange Line. "The train wheezed into Forest Hills, emitted a loud sigh at its fate in life and then the doors opened."



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How soon is now?

...and after the wheezing's done and the doors are opened, it really is time to GET OFF THE TRAIN IMMEDIATELY!! Why? Because seconds after the doors are opened, the conductor announces, "The doors will close and reopen. Please watch the doors." And with that, they often get VERY aggressive about closing the doors ASAP. Very rarely do they give enough getting-off time to the frail, elderly, obese, walking wounded, etc. Maybe they need supervision...you know, by some of the very highly paid people.

The doors aren't open for any

The doors aren't open for any less time than at other non-terminal stations. Have you ever seen someone get stuck on the train until the doors reopen? I haven't.

When there's the typical rush hour backup of trains waiting to get into the terminal, I *want* them to turn the train as quickly as possible.

What I'd really like them to announce is when a train is about to *leave* a terminal. Especially at stations like Alewife where there's no way of knowing which train will leave first. But most conductors just close the doors with no warning.