MBTA reunites girl with her flute

Wicked Local Arlington reports.



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    Happy ending. That being

    Happy ending. That being said, an eleven year old probably shouldn't be taking $4500 on the bus to school with her. I had nightmares (literally) about leaving my sax behind for years after I stopped playing, and it was worth a quarter of that.


    When your instrument is worth as much as a car, pay for a taxi service.

    Another person just recently lost a very expensive violin on a regional bus (to NYC?). Luckily they got it back too.

    Get Pesaturo on the phone

    I want to know how much money was spent to search, store, and return the flute to the girl. Also, how much was the cleaning costs to sterilize the train they eventually found the flute on? How long will she have to pay the bill for all of this effort?