Meanwhile, over at Northeastern's student newspaper ...

The Huntington News has some problems of its own - but theirs are just computer related: The paper kept all its important software and licenses on a single server, and it just died:

Recently, the server hosting all software licenses, archives and fonts crashed. The News no longer has access to its contents, leaving staff to use their laptops and trial software to produce the paper.

Won't you help?



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    Well, if not the students

    Well, if not the students since students come and go, what administrator, teacher or professor from NU oversees this newspaper? I'm sorry but I still can't believe that they had no backup but the only silver lining is they learned a big lesson that I am sure they will never forget, wherever life takes them.

    Maybe the hard drive can be data mined, expensive yes but if NU has an IT type program, maybe some of those students would be willing to help out?

    Tech knowledge isn't something that is spread easily

    I went to NEU and I'm not surprised at the technological ignorance that the Huntington News staff demonstrated. NEU has a great Comp Sci and Engineering colleges, but that type of knowledge and culture isn't as widespread throughout the campus and amongst the students as well like MIT. One has a whole collage of students from Engineering to Nursing, and not all of them will have learned that one should make backups or a redundant server, etc.

    It is sad to hear this, and makes me wonder if they just need someone to stick the hard drive into a new computer and pull the data out. It might be fixable if they are know what to look for.

    almost $2,000 in 12 hours??

    that's wonderful!

    It's so hard to have to go through something that seems common knowledge to technical people, but the show of support from readers and families is really something amazing!

    If they can keep up the momentum, they'll not only have gained valuable life experience (not fun!) and be back up and running in just a short time (lots of fun!).


    Minimal sleep and reading Adam's Red Sox thumb post just before commenting..

    They're students running an independent newspaper. I'm pretty sure college students today know what HARD drives are.

    Plus.. it's the server that crashed, not a single computer.

    Individual, print-ready fonts

    Individual, print-ready fonts can cost hundreds of dollars, per font. If they lost their entire Font Library (and have no way of re-downloading their purchases) they could be facing a loss of thousands of dollars.

    Do not mock the Font Lords.

    Maybe you can reach out to them?

    I'm sure most students are unaware or forgot about ResNet. They may have thought that since they are an unfunded university newspaper that their IT issues aren't something the school would offer to fix. It'll be a shame for them to lose all of their content, licenses, and fonts.