In media mess: How Channel 5 got exclusive first video with the mayor yesterday

News folks at other stations in town are fuming over the way WCVB's Susan Wornick got first dibs on video from an interview with Tom Menino at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. As one newsie at another station tells us (on condition of anonymity, natch), Channel 5 didn't score some great scoop - the mayor was just gracing them for its live coverage of the annual lighting of the Christmas tree on the Common.

This newsperson says Channel 5 at first told other stations it had the video and said it would provide a copy as part of a "pool" arrangement - common with stories where stations share video due to limited space, for example, at courtroom hearings.

Which you can't do. Pool video has to be talked about ahead of time. Then they said the mayor's office was giving Channel 5 the exclusive for 6 p.m. and then other stations, the Globe and Herald could have it. 5 said the mayor's office was holding it back and the mayor's office said, "because of their partnership with Channel 5, and the tree lighting."

They been giving stuff to Channel 5 for a long time and screwing everyone else, but yesterday was the worse! The Globe was crediting WCBV last night for the video - not WCVB. Wonder if it's a error or deliberate.



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"yesterday was the worse"

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"yesterday was the worse" - oof, this person works for TV news? I can see why they want to remain anonymous.


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They been giving stuff to Channel 5...

Definitely an off-the-cuff email.


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What exclusive interview?

The Mayor did a 16-minute press conference with the Globe, Herald and Channel 5.

It was the video

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Thanks for the nudge. It was the fact that Channel 5 aired the video first that annoyed other TV stations. I've fixed the story.

Does it even matter?

I mean, a lot of people don't even leave work until six, and many more who did leave earlier did not make it home by six because of the massive commuter clusterwhathaveyou going down.

Then you had to know that Channel 5 would have it on earlier, if you were someplace you could watch, and tune in specially for that instead of tuning into one of the other stations.

They are fighting for scraps of relevance here.

Channel "5" Is Not IN Boston

Historically speaking, the channels identified as being 4 and 7 (in the digital era really 30 and 42, but that's another story) are now and have always been IN Boston. Channel "4" on Soldiers Field Road, channel "7" first at Kenmore Square, now near Government Center. The first station to operate on channel 5 was located near the Boston Herald which then owned it. When the original channel 5 went away, WCVB set up shop in Needham. One would think that if ANY TV station were to get first dibs from City Hall, it would be the statinos that are now in Boston and have been since the introduction of TV to the City (albeit with varying ownership.

Ron Burgundy to the rescue

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They should all have to settle this Anchorman style with a fight to the death in a parking lot.

I heard Tommy on the radio

I heard Tommy on the radio today. That was the reassuring interview they put out to let the people know he was still in charge? Good God. By the time you sound like that, family members are already whispering 'arrangements' in the next room. They should have just brazened it out for a while longer.