Media won't rest until all the Patriots run themselves through with swords

OMG, Matt Light and Gronk went to a party after the Super Bowl! Clutch those pearls closer to your chest, Mabel! Or as David Robichaud asks, as he wipes away a tear:

What do you think about this? Should they have been celebrating after a crushing defeat?



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Good for him. Glad he's not

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Good for him. Glad he's not home depressed and angry about the loss.

Watch Fever Pitch

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Whatever your thoughts on the film, there's one kernel of truth worth taking from it: The players don't obsess about this stuff nearly as much as you do.

At the end of the game, they're still young, well off and locally famous. If that gets them into a few parties after a long season and a championship game they came a catch away from winning, they should take it.

Faces of the 1%

At least we know what they actually do for their money.
But we're still suckers for investing so much emotion, and money, in entertainment.

Over the last 26 years, I've driven many

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professional athletes. Some after the "big game" and to be 100% honest with you, the one thing I've heard from many a player is;

"Win or lose, I still get paid, so fuck it"

Professional athletes, for the most part, make rock stars and actors look humble by comparison.

Hey, thanks!

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Always glad to meet a fan! May God bless you and keep you, my son.

Lucky overachievers finally lost

Who would have picked the Patriots for the Super Bowl back when they were 5-3, and tied with the Bills and Jets? They barely escaped defeat by the Ravens in the AFC championship game. There's no disgrace whatsoever in the way they lost the Super Bowl -- the Giants were just plain better.

No disgrace

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Just sadness, since it was a hell of a game and they were pretty evenly matched once on that field. The game really was over if not for a few missed catches, but Brady's first play error wasn't helpful either.

Still, 3 out of 5 in 10 years and how many of those years did we make it to the playoffs?

Bostons gone 6 months without a national championship. We can go a few more. We're still title town.

Two Well-Matched Teams

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Either team was one excellent play from victory or defeat. For all the talk about Eli Manning having a better game than Brady (and he deserves a lot of credit, no doubt - I don't ever want to see him with the ball and a chance to beat my team) there were two or three passes that easily could have been intercepted or at least broken up. For whatever reason, in those instances a Patriot defender mistimed a leap or something similar.

Despite the outcome, it was one heck of a good game to watch. I agree with Chris Collinsworth. In the fourth quarter, he said, "We should just have these two teams play all the time!"


Barely escaped defeat

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First - I'm over it. Talked to my sister on Monday and said we've had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to national championships - we should be thankful for the excitement - not mourning the loss - and more importantly when do pitchers and catchers report?

But that field goal, had it been made, would have only tied the game, they wouldn't have lost (as many inexplicably believe). Sure, the momentum changed, but OT is a 50/50 shot and you've got one of the great late game drivers and one of the most consistent field goal kickers in the league on your team. I'll take those odds every day against any team - including the Giants.

Were the rules changed?

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Are field goals in the 4th quarter only worth two points? The score was 17-15 NE when the Giants scored their final touchdown. They went for the 2 point conversion afterwards, and failed. Hence: 21-17. The Patriots made the right decision letting the touchdown through. It actually increased their changes of winning the game by a large amount (from nearly zilch to ~4%). I thought it was a clever play the way they did it.

Ravens game

I was referring not just to the missed field goal kick, but also to the two incomplete touchdown pass attempts that the Ravens made just before that. If complete, those would have ended the game with a Ravens victory.

Fair enuf

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Just seemed like I heard a lot of gnashing of the teeth that they would have lost if the Ravens had kicked that field goal. I'm still surprised the one incomplete pass that was knocked from the guy's hands didn't generate a review - but I'm good with that.

Apparently we have a lot of high picks in the draft - hope we get some d-backs for a change. The pass defense has been frightening for a few years now. Can't argue with Kraft though - they do a pretty good job at Gillette.

The wisdom of Tommy

"The best possible thing in baseball is winning the World Series. The second best thing is losing the World Series." - Tommy Lasorda

Now is precisely the right

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Now is precisely the right time to party for the Patriots. They can't do anything anymore about 2011, but very soon they'll have to start preparing for 2012. Hence, party time!

I don't understand how the loss was "crushing." The 2011 Patriots squeezed more wins out of their talent than any team in the NFL.