Menino vetoes City Council redistricting plan

WBUR reports the mayor found the revised district-council map shoehorned too many minority voters into too few districts.



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No election coverage tonight

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No election coverage tonight Adam heard that Sal Lamattina lost. Ouch. Lots of folks were looking at the district race in Eastie and Charlestown. Someone will run against him now I suspect. Where was the vaulted Menino machine? Guess they took it for granted that he would win.

The "machine" was out and

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The "machine" was out and about where I live in Dorchester— and that was the problem. People who would have probably just blanked that part of the ballot saw the Menino hacks working for Sal and went out of their way to vote for... what's her name, the winner. The mayor himself's not the problem, it's his henchmen and fixers across the city who've become the third rail for candidates. Sal would've been better off without them.

NAMES of BORDERING streets of Districts. Online overlay maps.

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a) Redistricting maps are needed that label the NAMES of the Districts' BORDERING streets. That way it's easier to see where a District ends and another begins. That way it's easier to see what streets are divided.

b) Online overlays are needed to compare proposed Redistricting maps with each other and with current Districts. Poor Boston City Council Communications with the people. Minimal information for an important decision. Over 100 Boston City Council staff should be able to make better maps