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Hadn't listened in years until Newtown

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I turned on everyone's favorite former smooth jazz station after the shootings and heard what sounded like reason and sense from Graham about guns and gun control. This must have meant he knew his days were up and the "real" Michael Graham was coming out over the air and he actually sounded like a upright satient being as opposed to the yokel voice he kicks in with while calling us all a bunch of scalliwags and commie-nazi-liberals. I only listened for a few minutes so maybe he was having some drug induced momment of clarity.

Is FM talk, well hillbilly FM talk, done in Boston? Could Radio BDC be taking over a signal that you can hear outside of 128?


Hmmmm... I suppose we should start calling people like Graham and Brown "Cons" then?

There are only two types of anything in the world, after all.

Angry people are funny

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Indeed. The people here who are simply name-calling, you had the choice not to tune in. I know the concept of choice is foreign in our blue corner of the country, but really.. Now because the conversations weren't rubbing the masses the right way, we are left with no conversation at all.

I'm not a big fan of Michael Graham

In July 2005, Graham used Islam and terrorism as the basis for a multi-day discussion on his WMAL talk radio show. A number of Graham's comments prompted over one hundred complaints to the station and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued action alerts to its subscribers encouraging them to contact WMAL to urge that "Graham be reprimanded for his anti-Islam statements", ultimately prompting WMAL to suspend him. After 28 days, WMAL elected to terminate Graham stating that he violated station policy and disregarded "management direction" to redress the situation. The situation prompted angry editorials from Graham as well as appearances on nationally televised news programs to discuss the firing.

Graham attended a rally to protest the Real ID Act, sponsored by Casa de Maryland in May 2005. He was photographed in an INS shirt, and was blocked from entering the event even as he showed ABC Radio credentials, with officials citing public safety. An altercation ensued, and police were called, with a second altercation occurring following their arrival. After questioning, Graham was allowed to enter the event with his shirt turned inside out.

Graham was fired from his first commercial talk-radio job at WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina, after comments he made on-air in the wake of the Columbine massacre in 1999.

Graham drew criticism from blogs on the Left and the Right for comments about Bill and Hillary Clinton made on CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck Show on June 20, 2007. Referring to a Clinton campaign ad based on the final episode of The Sopranos, Graham said "...didn't you at some point want to see, like, Paulie Walnuts, somebody come in here and just whack them both right there? Wouldn't that have been great?...Come on! Where's "Big Pussy"? Come on! Let's make it happen...I wanted that." Beck did not agree with Graham's comments.

Graham was arrested Friday, February 13, 2009, after being pulled over at about 5:30 AM for failing to stop at a red light in Framingham, Massachusetts. He was charged with driving with a revoked license. Graham denies receiving a revocation letter, although RMV spokeswoman Ann Dufresne claims one was sent in October 2008. His license was revoked in November 2008 for failing to notify Virginia that he had relocated to Massachusetts in 2006. Graham has had a Massachusetts license since February 2006.

Assistant District Attorney Darina Belot filed for a nolle prosequi on June 19, writing that the Registry of Motor Vehicles reinstated Graham's Massachusetts driver's license on February 19. Graham was scheduled for a jury trial on Monday, June 29.

During a debate on the Irish radio channel Newstalk on 28 May 2010, the future President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, accused Graham of indulging in "the radio of hysterical ignorance" and urged him to "be proud to be a decent American rather than being just a wanker whipping up fear."

Dems win again

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I'll miss him. In a state where everyone votes and thinks like robots (if democrat then check box), he was a breath of fresh air. I liked the way he challenged the conventional thinking of people who never seemed to really think. He welcomed people who disagreed with him and thoughtfully engaged them. It was interesting! I think they call that good radio.

He certainly did NOT

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He certainly did NOT "thoughtfully engage" people who disagreed with him. He laughed at them. He's a fool and our airwaves are better with his absence.

If you want to dig up an example of thoughtful engagement with disagreeing ideas, you'll need to go back some years to the David Brudnoy show on WBZ or even further back to the Gene Burns show on WRKO.

Jimmy Severino and Michael Graham belittle those who disagree with them. They are airwave bullies. But ... to use some fun, improper grammar, "Not no more, they're not!"

Good riddance, He is an

Good riddance,

He is an insufferable jackass. I enjoy an intelligent conservative opinion but he is intolerable. Take the fake populism of Bill O'Reilly interpreted through an annoying, juvenile, and boorish dolt. There must be a better alternative somewhere.

I miss the days of David Brudnoy.

Good Guy- for a Right Wing Talking Head

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I don't listen to the radio during the day (got a job to do) but when I've heard this guy, he seems reasoned and rational. Right wing to be sure, but no Rush Limbaugh. He seems to be a guy you can disagree with and he can disagree with you without it getting bad. He's never been hit with being a racist or any of those other -ists that can get one in trouble. In fact, I heard him go after a caller who tried to turn a story of the government overreaching into a race story (trust me, race was not an issue in the story.)

He'll to okay in the end. Perhaps more time on channel 25. I saw him this morning at 5:30. Not a good end, but it's a job.

Hasn't been my experience.

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Hasn't been my experience. I've tried at times to tune in when he had a guest on I wanted to listen to. He has the terribly bad habit of talking over and shouting down his guest. I'm surprised anyone that would disagree with him politically would ever agree to go on his show.

As the person above said, I also miss the days of David Brudnoy.

The invisible hand of the

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The invisible hand of the free market just punched Michael Graham in the balls.

The invisible hand of the

The invisible hand of the free market just punched Michael Graham in the balls.

... and somewhere an Angel just got his wings!


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The President of Ireland called him a " wanker stirring up fear"


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Please define.

You don't think somebody should be fired for lying and plagerism? Do tell us about morality and conservatism mean to you, then.

WTKK is still Clear Channel

WTKK is still Clear Channel and NO ONE has ever accused Clear Channel of being liberals. They aren't. They're conservative.

Conservative talk isn't as profitable as it used to be, and the decline got a big push when Limbaugh trashed Sandra Fluke. Hate radio is irresponsible. As soon as you point that out to a business that has a reputation and wants to keep it instead of advertising on Limbaugh, they'll take their ads off eight quick.


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I agree...thats how these liberals become president....its communism coming....watch out...they will make this country into a total dependent welfare nation.....too bad the natural "truth" wont be heard anymore just the dumbed down lib view.


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Oh, sorry, but you know how hard it is for us libs to keep our dumbed down views in.

Natural Truth?

You mean "stuff we make up and convince ourselves is true and can't be challenged because, duh, it's Natural Truth!", such as "the female body has ways of ...".

Oh yeah. That.

I Think

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I love how conservatives claim that liberals have not a well thought out position on policy and politics. We, Massachusetts, is a deep blue state because the people want it that way. To suggest we are lemmings who have not thought about the positions we take is almost as ridiculous as Michael Graham doing a show titled "The Natural Truth."