MIT to get new Dome light

Great Dome at night, when an oculus wouldn't do much good. Photo by Ali Almossawi.Dome at night; not much use for oculus then. Photo by Ali Almossawi. Used under this CC license.

The Tech reports MIT is installing an amethyst skylight at the top of the Great Dome, letting natural light flood the space below for the first time since World War II, when an earlier skylight was covered during World War II to lessen the chances of the Dome being used as a beacon by incoming German bombers.



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    Symphony Hall, too

    Have they ever uncovered the windows way up at the top of Symphony Hall which were allegedly boarded over to foil German subs?

    No, the Germans didn't have

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    No, the Germans didn't have bombers capable of reaching the continental US from Europe or North Africa and they never had operational aircraft carriers AFAIK. And I don't think they could have gotten the infamous America Bomber to work even if they had made it a priority.

    Subs were a threat though; for some time they were just sitting right off the Atlantic coast sinking our ships. The danger wasn't that they would attack targets on land, but that lots of lights at night could lead them to a harbor with plenty of sitting ducks all along the waterfront. Plus it helped them navigate, and we really didn't even want to help them do that either.


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    At the start of the war the big cities on the coast refused to comply with blackout rules, and as a result we lost a ton of merchant ships. Light pollutions from major cities along the coast made them sitting ducks for the Uboats looking in.

    It's like the guy sneaking behind a curtain with a light opposite, casting a very nice profile on the fabric.

    The cities wised up eventually when they realized how close the enemy really was.

    Only part of Symphony Hall's

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    Only part of Symphony Hall's windows have been restored. The ones overlooking the first balcony lounge are still boarded up.


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    I'm also not happy that Obama loaned that baby to Warren. This is an outrage!

    B-but he keeps going back in

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    B-but he keeps going back in time to make sure it was Bush's fault!

    Okay, I give up: why

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    Okay, I give up: why amethyst-colored? "Natural light", but only the purply part of it?