MIT gives Stephen Colbert a wag of its finger



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    Not bad

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    But I'm guessing if Colbert responds his first quip will be:

    "With all the education at MIT, you'd think they would know to use lavalier mic so it doesn't sound like he's recording inside of a cereal box."

    when you actually do this stuff, it's not bragging

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    Not sure if it's still the case but MIT used to proudly advertise fielding more NCAA intercollegiate teams with a higher percentage of student participation than any other school in America. Granted, some were like fencing and archery and their football team is in no danger of a bowl but it does cement their reputation as a community of doers; participants rather than observers.

    MIT had to cut many varsity

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    MIT had to cut many varsity sports over the past few years because of budget cuts so they unfortunately no longer have that bragging right.


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    MIT was an amazing place to work for me, and I've been an electronics designer in the Boston Area for over 30 years. In fact, my first job as an engineer involved working with the man who patented the successive approximation digitizer when he worked at MIT (he started there as a janitor and quickly proved why he dropped out of high school- too boring). This man taught me everything my bachelors and masters schooling didn't- how to do real-world electronics design.
    I am a proud graduate of the University of Rochester, a school that never sacrificed academic excellence for sports, and I sincerely hope that MIT does likewise.