MIT researchers: Yogurt gives male mice swagger

Channel 5 reports male mice fed yogurt gained shinier coats, bulgier testicles and just a more Tony Manero-like outlook on life:

"You know when someone's at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse."



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    whitey's french alias? blancy bulgier


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    (imagines chorus of tiny mouse voices assertively chanting "We've got the Biggest Balls of them ALL!")

    anybody remember those old Dannon commercials?....

    (Sorry if this ends up being a double post, I could swear I hit SAVE after typing this once)

    Back in the 70s there was a series of Dannon yogurt commercials that featured patriarchs of rural villages in Soviet Georgia jumping around dancing a kazatske, claiming to be 125 years old. Now I know why those guys were wearing loose-fitting robes and schmatas and pants could contain their huge 'Nads!

    Wait a minute

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    ...All the advertising I've ever seen says that only women eat yogurt. I thought it was a law or something. So I can eat it too? Don't I have to eat it while shoeless with my feet tucked under me on the sofa dreaming about Paris or something? Why would TV advertising lie to me all these years if it wasn't just for women?