Mitt Romney Apology Tour

Remember when the Governor of the State He Dare Not Name went on tour two years into his term as governor of some vague state up in the Northeast and kept complaining about how awful that state was? Boston Daily rewrites a section of Romney's book.



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It's my biggest problem with Mitt.

This is my biggest problem with Romney - that he spent the last 2 years of his governorship running around the country talking trash about Massachusetts, and that he has continued to do so, although much, much less forcefully this time around.

This is one of the most successful states in the Union on a broad range of measures (education, per capita GDP, income distribution across classes, etc.). It is a wonderful place to live. To have watched Romney run away from these things has never made sense to me, and frankly, makes me angry.

Almost every other state in the Union should and would be happy to have what we do, and Romney should have been out there saying exactly that. Even though he has perhaps realized this a little bit (see discussion at last night's debate of Massachusetts at No. 1 on so many measures of education), it's too little, too late.

Good Comment

I couldn't agree more. I liked many of Mitt Romney's centrist views and I would vote for the same Mitt who ran for Governor. But it was so frustrating seeing him completely abandon the state during the last year+ of his term. It's insulting to all the people of MA.

Rule #1 of a governor is to love your state. Every other governor would say their state has the smartest people, the prettiest countryside, the strongest work ethic, etc. It may not be true but you say it anyway.

In 2004 people would say Massachusetts like it was the dirtiest word and meanest insult they could think of. They said the same thing in the GOP primary. Why wasn't Romney coming to MA's defense? You need not like the prevailing political party to like the state.

Mitt Claims Credit For ...

healthcare - while promising that Mississippi and Alabama-style policies will give what we have to everybody

education - while promising that Mississippi and Alabama-style policies will give what we have to everybody


AND YET ... he doesn't say ANYTHING about how we got Universal Marriage Rights before any other state (and have the LOWEST divorce rate of ANY state no matter how you calculate it!)

Gee, gonna claim credit there, Mitt?

We have a lot of horses and bayonets, too.

I Love

all the negative Romney comments, but no mention of Obamas childish performance! Go Figure!

Obamas performance was that of an angry, frustrated high school student. FAR FROM PRESIDENTAIL!

Ah yes

All information and websites on the internet are of equivalent quality and veracity.

Got it.

Meanwhile, try a google image search for "obama lynching" and see what fun you might have looking at the "creative" lawn decorations for Halloween that people of your ilk favor.

Simple choice for Romney

Because, like all right wingers, he actually knows that although they may disagree with aspects of liberalism, the end results are actually superior to anything the conservatives come up with.

So, he chose MA for his Governor's title, because we already provided great education, and a host of other benefits, he could later brag about. The budget balancing line is another joke. Mike Dukakis balanced the budget too, as does every MA Governor. You'd think with Obama being close with Patrick, Deval would point out that easy comeback line for him to use when Mitt brags about his budgetary abilities.

Show me the super conservative state that boasts our options for healthcare, employment and education. It's amazing to me that Obama doesn't point that out...