More BU students robbed at gunpoint in Brookline

The Daily Free Press reports three students were robbed around 5 p.m. on Tuesday in the area of Egmont and St. Paul streets, by three black men in their 20s with a gun. The robbery comes after two other students were robbed at gunpoint early on Sunday near Thorndike Street.



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This would be right by

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This would be right by Brookline's housing projects on the border with Boston. Since it's Brookline, I imagine they'll be caught by the end of the day.

Does this not get covered at college orientations?

Every kid should hear the following:

"Attention suburbanites: This is an urban campus. At night, bad people walk around sometimes. Don't look at 'em, and walk quickly with your head high like you're somebody not to be screwed with. Yes, this means removing the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and not looking down at a screen as you walk. The music and the phone can wait until you are at home."


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BU just published an article in their daily e-newsletter (BU Today) with the following safety tips:

-Avoid poorly lit areas late at night. But this crime happened at 5 pm on a well-lit street.

-Get a ride instead of walking. Because so many BU students have cars and can afford cabs everywhere.

-If walking is the only option, do so in large groups. Have your entire freshman floor pick you up from your classes! Sounds completely reasonable to me.

-Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t wear headphones or talk on your cell phone. This should be the first one.

-At the first sign of trouble, dial 911 or the BUPD at 617-353-2121.Yeah, just tell the thief he can't take your phone until AFTER you call the cops.

These robberies are understandably upsetting for BU students, but what about the locals? At 5 pm, most people of all ages are out and about in these neighborhoods, and it's completely unreasonable to expect everyone to stay home after 4 pm. This is a very, very serious problem for this neighborhood.

Night? Try 5 in the

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Night? Try 5 in the afternoon.

But go ahead and blame the victim if it makes you feel all smug inside.

Are you a complete idiot?

1) Yes, this happened at 5 PM. These incidents also occur sometimes at night.

2) Yeah, giving the victim tips on how to avoid being a target of criminals is "blaming the victim." GTFOOH!


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...feed the troll.

Hardly Risky

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Overall time and place don't matter. You should be able to go anywhere in the city at any time and not expect to be mugged.

Walking down the street at 5PM is not risky behavior, which is all these students were doing. The students were not alone, it was not 2-3AM (which is when most muggers look for drunk college students to target), they were not in some alley.

General street traffic of that time and area should make such crimes nigh impossible, let alone Boston/Brookline/BU police.

I agree

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with one *should* look these thug wanna-be's in the face. This comes from TWO first-hand experiences in the past month.

In the first (tweeted by adam), I chased a thief that assaulted and robbed a woman in Rutland Square at 7:15 on a Sunday night (broad daylight). Caught the dude and subsequently got sucker bricked (yes, bricked) by his partner hiding in the alley. Twelve stitches later, these idiots are going to trial *today.* Lesson learned there - dont confront these wastes-of-skin directly.

In the second - also in Rutland Square I again came across 2 young thugs, clearly up to no good at 8PM or so. I looked at them directly in the face, picked up my pace to a major intersection with one following me. When I looked back and stared at him again, one of the thugs "called-off" his partner. Immediately calling the cops, I then witnessed them try to knock-off 2 others before finally landing a young Asian kid not paying attention.

So, point being this:
1) travel major roads when possible.
2) dont flash your electronics - even if you "must" listen to your music on the way home.
3) grab a hubway to get there quicker.
4) confront these morons with a stare that says you know what's up.
5) dont chase someone for a phone.
6) go get your firearm id so you can carry OC/pepper spray.
7) dont think that daylight is a deterrent.

Screw Face

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4) confront these morons with a stare that says you know what's up.

Whoa, now!

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You can rest assured to don't fully cover 'urban' issues with these kids, for obvious reasons. I do feel bad for the foreign, they legitimately may not fully understand American society and be able to differentiate threat from non-threat.

Part of the problem is

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Part of the problem is fashion. Half the kids dressed like thugs aren't really thugs and it takes several years of a person living in the area to obtain the ability to tell them apart.

It's mostly in the body language

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The ones about to cause trouble have hate in their eyes, defensive body language, and are signaling to one another.

The ones just being kids are acting like typical rowdy teenagers, but dressed like thugs.

As for looking in the eye vs. not looking in the eye, vs. fighting or giving in, it's a total toss up. Some people about to commit a crime will back off if challenged by a good dirty look, others will attack you for it. Some will back off if you fight back, others will kill you for it.