Most freight trains to leave Allston by Sept. 1

F-Line to Dudley reports CSX is planning to open its new Worcester freight yards Sept. 1, which will mean a dramatic dropoff in traffic through Beacon Park in Allston - mainly train equipment needing repairs and a few trains going to a small number of customers inside 128 (such as the Houghton Chemical plant right next to the Allston yard).



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    In a few years when the city

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    In a few years when the city no longer has any rail freight yards and is clogged by the semi-trailers needed to replace freight trains, this will be seen as a major mistake.

    The city is getting greedy for large easy to develop parcels of land and is shooting itself in the foot when it comes to long term infrastructure.

    Correct me if I'm wrong

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    But isn't there plans to expand the rail yard over by black falcon terminal and the freight center over in South Boston?

    More freight trains?

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    Hey, anyone know how come after the Allston yards were closed, it seems/sounds like the number of overnight (3am) freight trains have doubled through Framingham? They must be coming from Boston...

    It's not passenger rail, but

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    It's not passenger rail, but it is rail, and at some point we will regret pulling it up and out.

    It's going to improve passenger rail

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    CSX was blocking improvements to the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail. Now the MBTA will have a double-track railroad through Brighton and they can upgrade the signals too.

    Maybe this could have happened with CSX there but they weren't letting it.

    train storage

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    I wonder if this will reduce the number of trains on the sidings along Vassar Street in Cambridge.

    At least for now, those trains -

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    which service the produce terminals in Chelsea - will continue to operate, but they will come from Worcester instead.

    And, as a result of all this, there will be many more large trucks on the MassPike between Worcester and Boston. Real "green" thinking here - not!

    Old Times...

    By on Granddad worked in that yard.

    This is not good for Boston

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    This is not good for Boston or metro Boston. Anything that has anything not to do with 'clean' jobs like healthcare, education, financial services, tourism are disappearing. Good, well paying blue collar-type jobs are completely disappearing. In fact, running a rail-yard and trains today is hi-tech and requires extensive training. Reminds me of when all the local area working shipyards disappeared and shut down.

    Good news for Worcester though.