Murdering thug in the hospital

Seems Bulger was having chest pains.



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I've long been a fan of

I've long been a fan of Adam's understated headlines, this is among the best.

There are so many important questions that the public deserves to know about this case.

Most immediately after looking at the Channel 4 website, I wonder why a man who claims that he's having chest pains in Plymouth is driven all the way to Boston Medical Center?

Who wrote the prescriptions to the heart medication that Catherine was picking up for sixteen years? Perhaps there were no prescriptions, so who was supplying the meds sans prescriptions?

The larger questions, how compromised were Federal and local law enforcement officials? (it seems that the State Police come out of this looking pretty good)

There are allegations that the U.S. Attorney's office was compromised to, what level of looking the other way? What was Bill Weld's role at that time.

As a candidate Weld campaigned voraciously against Bill Bulger and when he assumed office, became Bill's BFF, later appointing him to the Presidency of UMass. Begging the question, what was the link between Bill Bulger acting like a Roman emperor as Senate president and his hit man brother?

How did a life-long civil servant who came out of a housing project end up being one of the principle owners of 75 State Street?

Hopefully there will be a trial and hopefully justice will be done.


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mexican pharmacy. catherine would slip across the border for heart meds.

Libelous headline

I'm searching through the Wikipedia entry, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for: a conviction on murder charges.

I think your headline should say "alleged" murdering thug, no?


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Do you still lay out cookies and milk for Santa? Still put a tooth under your pillow?

I would take a walk out of the South End some day, cross the Broadway Bridge and ask a few of the "townies" how they feel about your concerns for the state of Whitey's innocence. I can give you a few names if you'd like...

But don't call them "townies"

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If you don't want to piss them off.
Old schoolers will think you're confusing them with residents of Charlestown.
Most others will just be offended by the derogatory term.

Fools who were not born here

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May refer to all natives as townies. Any one with any sense doesn't.

So what you are saying is

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So what you are saying is that we should withhold judgement and let due process take its course. Deference to the courts in criminal cases is a position often defended on Uhub.Don't know what happened with this case.

Speedy trial my ass

How long has he been in captivity? 17 months now? Cut the crap already. Somebody go into that hospital, slip a cop a stack of hundreds, and strangle him with a pillow already. Save our society the trouble of paying to jail him and try him.

You forgot something, Judge LaTulippe.

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The inevitable appeal(s). Clearly Bulger has told JW that he is never going back to prison, and JW has been given orders to ensure that wish is carried out.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is likely to happen. Neither the US Attorney or the presiding judge want this case to get screwed up in any way that would make it susceptible to a potentially successful appeal. Not giving the defense sufficient time to prepare (i.e., having to review hundreds of thousands of pages of docs that the government has collected over decades, some of which were only recently turned over) is something that could absolutely lead to a successful appeal.

Therefore, my prediction is that they're going to give JW some time past March so that there isn't a ready-made appealable issue. Unfortunately for the friends and families of the victims, it will probably be enough time for Bulger to croak.

It would really suck if this guy got to take the same path as that coward Salvi. Of course the difference here is that there are so many people who might go down as a result of Bulger's trial that this might be the lesser of two evils so far as the Government (both federal and state) is concerned - and that is yet another tragedy.

Sorry, Ron.

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I fired my comment off pretty quickly, but the guys above covered for me. I was, in fact, referring to Bulger's attorney.