In Natick, police get a little fed up with complaints about mall traffic

Natick Police tweeted this afternoon:

To those frustrated by the traffic in and around the Mall: 'No one raindrop thinks it caused the flood'. At least you're sitting down.



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That is hilarious. Merry Christmas, all.

This is why

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you go shopping the weekend after black Friday. The malls were dead, the stores restocked, and shopping easy.

This weekend and Monday night is actually worse than Black Friday, as you get the real crazies and irresponsible, late to the party people out there trying to cram all their shopping into the hour before close on xMas eve.

And if they were smart...

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They'd be shopping in NH and saving the sales tax.

And if they were really smart they'd be shopping online in their underwear and not burning gas and destroying the environment AND saving the sales tax.

And if they were geniuses they'd realize nobody needs most of this crap they were buying and they'd save it for a rainy day or retirement given most of them will someday be living mostly off of Social Security.

These are probably the same people complaining in the Herald that Beacon Hill is wasting all our money - well folks - if you don't buy all this junk and send them the tax revenue - they can't waste it!!