Need a tampon? There's an app for that

Currently limited to Harvard students, but then again, that's how Facebook started, too.



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Sisterhood of the traveling tampon

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It's a good idea overall but the name squicks me out and what's the deal with

“class is just wrapping up, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

I gotta wait ten minutes? In a stall in a public restroom? What?

I do like the idea of it helping people find walking buddies to get back to their dorms/apartments safely.

Ladies only?

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Is this limited only to ladies? What if a group of bros are playing some pick-up bball or football, and someone ends up with a bloody nose?


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What if those same guys want to go horseback riding, or swimming, or any of those other things that they allow you to do.

The box makes a lot of unfulfilled promises.

So let me get this straight

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How is downloading a tampon-specific app, then sending out a tampon SMS and waiting indefinitely for someone to bring you one, easier than remembering to keep a few extras in your bag?

I don't get it.

you don't get it 'cause you ain't a lady

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Clearly you are not female or if you are, you are ridiculously organized and carry a suitcase around with you with all the essentials us ladies need. Carrying around tampons is a pain. First, they OFTEN fall out of their wrappers unless kept in a separate bag/compartment only with other tampons. Tampons then gets mixed in with everything else and all the dirty in your bag gets all around the cotton of the tampon. Not cool. Plus, not every female carries around a big bag full of room for extra tampons.

Second, not every female knows when you're going to get your period or start spotting.

Third, sometimes you just forget. Both male and females forget things every now and then.

I'm definitely female

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I just don't see why it's so hard to keep a tampon or pad in your bag. I usually stick a handful in every bag I use, no matter how infrequently I use that bag.

It gets funny when I dig up a really old purse to donate and find a wrapper design that hasn't existed in 10 years, though.

Granted, I ain't a lady

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but I am a woman and the more I think about it, the more I think this is kind of weak. It's not that hard to throw a couple of tampons in a ziploc bag and throw that into your backpack or handbag.

I'm not saying I've never been caught off guard but I didn't feel the need to broadcast it or ask for free tampons.

"Ah, kids..."

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Is what I found myself thinking. I suspect most even slightly organized women have learned to scatter tampons/pads around their usual haunts and/or in whatever they carry around. Yes, there is the occasional mistake, but that's rare enough that I'd think this app wouldn't find much use.

I'm also creeped out about the security issue. I really don't like broadcasting the fact that I'm (alone; again it's unlikely that two or more female friends would all be without the required item)in a public restroom!

The idea of calling for walking buddies seems to have more promise, but again security would be a very important issue to address.

Better yet: I am developing a

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Better yet: I am developing a sophisticated app to tell you where the closest CVS or Walgreens is. Can you believe it! Yes, I am from MIT and it's all about INNOVATION. You can thank me later.

You know there are too many apps when ...

It used to be that people encountered problems, then looked for good solutions. Now entrepreneurs have a solution (smart phone) and search for problems that might somehow fit a little. Worst for this one is the surrender of personal information.

That's a great point

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The app broadcasts where you are while you're in a vulnerable situation. Technologically speaking, there is no way to prevent men from using the app to find women to assault.

There's no way to stop women from using the app to find women to assault either.

P.S. - I'd guess that 90% of the users are on birth control pills which make it easy to predict when you're going to need supplies. The sensible thing to do would be to keep a couple of spares with you.

More than being indesposed

The app maker will want to collect marketing data for retail drug stores and stream advertising to you while you wait. Might restore delivery service for the stores, however!

I need an ap for finding

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I need an ap for finding other people who are also bored on a Friday night.


I guess this wouldn't work with OB.

Never Run Out Period (TM) with my service

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I do find the idea of the app to get someone feminine protection in a pinch is great! I just don't know how safe it would be especially if a woman is already in a vulnerable spot. I think I would be scared that someone is bringing me something so personal at that time of the month. Our focus group research shows that women still really love privacy with their monthly visitor. My website is a monthly tampon/pad/liner delivery service for all brands that I am about to launch. My service makes sure a woman will Never Run Out Period (TM) - A woman can mix and match all her brands so you don't waste money buying more than one kind from one brand. Also you get free gifts every month LIKE CHOCOLATE!!! - Guys? Yes Guys! Get my service for your girl, and do it because you love her, not for a gift for her birthday! LOL! I dont want to over promote or anything like that but since the topic is feminine protection I had to chime in! I apologize if I am too pitchy, its not my true intention. Please check us out and send us feedback. Follow or like us on Twitter/Facebook and you are "Auntomatically'(TM) entered to win free protection for a year!!