Needless to say, the driver was arrested

Wellesley Police posted this video, showing an alleged drunk driver bursting out of the Whole Foods parking lot onto State Street (around 1:00) Friday morning. WCVB reports the driver is an ER doctor at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and that the driver of the car she hit was taken to the hospital with two cracked ribs.



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Never mind the bollards

It's probably a good thing she didn't make it to work that day.

Now eschuse me while I go preschribe me some more calmathingies.

Bollard failure?

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Hmm, yeah was that a complete bollard failure? The bollard gets knocked down like a bowling pin and doesn't even appear to slow the SUV down at all.

There are bollards, and then there are bollards.

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I get the feeling that the bolllards at the WF in Wellesley are not the security-grade bollards that we see outside government buildings, the airport terminals, etc. I think they're meant to make a subtle suggestion that you shouldn't be driving there versus actually stopping a vehicle at speed.

Now that we know this is a risk, however, maybe they'll have to install a few Delta barriers instead.


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I remember my mother hitting a patch of ice in her Jeep Wagoneer and launching a heavy wooden bollard across a frozen lake. The Jeep was unharmed.

Thats' nuts!

Wow, that's crazy. Too bad she didn't hit the tree or phone pole that's there - then nobody else would have gotten hurt.

Prescription from Dr. Howard to Kristin Howard

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You would think that the pharmacy would notice something like that... Next time I'm at the ER I'm gonna be wondering if my doctor is all hopped up on drugs they prescribed themselves.


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She should be walking off a Red-Line platform like all the other drug addicts.

What is Shameful?

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That she doesn't satisfy your stereotype of a drug addict, even though that stereotype doesn't apply to the vast majority of drug addicts?

Or your ignorance?

Wow all around.

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How about the driver of the SUV, first in line at the light, who steps out of the driver's side of his/her vehicle, into the middle of the traffic lane on the opposing side of the road and almost directly in front of the car taking a right.

Craziness all over the place. It is a miracle that the driver of the car that got hit only has two cracked ribs. I imagine that s/he did not even see that nut coming, and probably had absolutely no time to take even the most rudimentary efforts to brace her/himself (not that it would have been overly effective, but still).

The SUV driver

The SUV driver probably had the immediate reaction to go and check if everyone was OK without regard for his/her own safety. Natural reaction, IMO, and probably one of the more commendable actions in this whole scenario. Notice the white car just makes a right turn and presumably continues o its way, unruffled. :-/

White SUV spent the entire

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White SUV spent the entire time blocking the crosswalk, probably also drunk.

I noticed the white car, too.

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I noticed the white car as well, and I had the same reaction. I just didn't have time to write about it earlier.

Also, I understand the gut reaction of the driver of the SUV who I did write about, however, I thought it worth mention because it was contrary to the first lesson in a crisis/rescue/assistance situation: ensure that you do not become another victim. I had to watch this lesson be learned by another in a very hard way in the past.

I'm sorry if I sounded insensitive or like I was trolling for some SUV driver-hate. I didn't mean to and I wasn't.

1 minute, not 1:00 am

That's written confusingly, but he means that the crash starts at about 1 minute into the video.

Pleads Not Guilty - allegedly

Update here.

How many times can you say "allegedly" in an article? ;-)

Plus there was a lot going on before what we saw in the video:

On Friday morning at around 8:45 a.m., Howard was driving her Subaru Outback west through the Washington Street Whole Foods parking lot when she allegedly struck a Whole Foods delivery truck, according to Wellesley Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Marie Cleary. She then allegedly backed up and hit a fence, drove forward, and then drove backwards again, hitting the fence again.

She then allegedly accelerated and drove her car into a decorative granite post, said Cleary, snapping the post in half and sending the top half sailing across to the opposite side of State Street. The crash sent Howard’s car airborne, and she allegedly sideswiped a tree before hitting a Mercury Marquis at the traffic lights on State Street.