Never mind cell service, now the Green Line is bananaphone ready


A roving UHub photographer snapped a Green Line rider talking a bunch on his bananaphone today.



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If he's talking on his

If he's talking on his banana, he's probably going to be quite surprised when his lunch starts ringing.

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Nice contours and bold

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Nice contours and bold coloring, I can see why the bananaphone has a-peel.

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Ping pong Ping pong Ping...

...Banana PHONE!!!

Wish I never clicked that's stuck in my head now. It's both annoying and hysterically funny.

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Oh, and that's not all!

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Check YouTube for the normal version (by Raffi) so you can hear the whole song (this flash video is a sped-up/pitch-raised version and is only about half of the song).

~a bananaphone enthusiast

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Oh my head...

So I Googled this song, as suggested...WHY DID I DO THAT?! It did make me laugh even more...poor neighbors. They had to have heard me.

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